The Dentist

Had a root canal filling today and I'm feeling a bit worn out with it all.

I feel like one of those Victorian ladies who lies on the chaise longue with a case of the vapours and a fine lace hanky!

While I was there in the chair I was thinking about other folks with do you all go on at the dentist?

Never the best of days out when you are "normal" never mind having a wonky head...

Personally I find it really traumatic... It's the drill and the vibration.

I know that i couldn't feel anything at the time of my op years ago... but it always reminds me of what my poor noggin must have gone through when I had a crainiotomy to remove my tumour.

I have had the same lovely dentist for years and he is as gentle as can be and keeps checking me but i always feel wiped out afterwards. My hands shake and shake when I am there..

How is it for you?

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  • Hi Nan. I also have a brilliant dentist who's very attentive & considerate to my issues. It's dizziness with me and, whereas the hygienist isn't so careful, he always lowers the chair gradually as he knows the room will start spinning for me otherwise,

    Also, I occasionally need the slow-speed drill which sends my brain into meltdown with its extreme vibration, but he keeps stopping to give me a break and never complains.

    But I often have to lie down after dental treatment, though the palpitations and shakes which I used to get years ago stopped after my local anaesthetic was changed to an adrenalin-free one.

    Hope you're feeling better now m'dear and not too tender in the area treated.

    Love Cat xx

  • Thanks for the reply Cat ;)

    Yes, i think it's the slow speed drill that does for me also!

    Feels like there are roadworks going on in my head!

    Interesting about the anaesthetic... I didn't know that at all!

    Now I think about it I had four injections today which is more than usual but it was a bit of a marathon job.

    It does seem to be once i've had the injections that I start the shakes mainly down my right side which is the weak side. And my head is nodding away afterwards as if I had Parkinsons .

    I wonder if that would be a help for me asking about the anaesthetic? I never knew that at all. You are a mine of information!

    A bit better now after a bit of a nap earlier thanks... phew... thank goodness it's over for a while!

    hope you are ok x

  • Yes Nan, I changed to 'Citanest' after it was apparent the adrenalin was causing sudden onset of twitching and palpitations, so much so that I passed out on one occasion at reception after having a filling.

    I'm not at all nervous about needles or any dental surgery so they couldn't understand such a reaction, but after mentioning the palpitations I was told it wasn't uncommon for patients to react badly to the standard anaesthetic and it could be easily remedied in future with the Citanest.

    Ask your dentist about changing next time you go.

    ...........and thanks m'dear, I'm doing ok. ;-) xx

  • That's really helpful , thank you ever so much. Appreciate your advice Cat x

  • You're welcome m'love ! xx

  • I didn't used to fear the dentist but I do now since I was seriously ill and had all sorts of paraphernalia stuck into me everywhere, and was pulled, prodded and pocked! Now I get anxious about any procedure including the dentist! Even if it is just a check up! I get anxious and stressed and I'm so tense I can barely hold my mouth open, I get twitching in my face, feel lightheaded, usually end up with big fat tears rolling down my cheeks etc. Unfortunately since my illness I seem to have had more big problems with my teeth than ever before and I wonder if they became weakened during my illness and coma. I know my finger nail were affected as the new growth bits were more yellowed and I had ridges at the point I went into the coma and it wasn't until I was more well and more nourished that then there was better nail growth. It then took a few months till the ridges and not so good nail grew out and cut off! Likewise I'm exhausted after any dental treatment or check and have to snuggle and nap to recover.

  • Have you explained your anxiety levels and difficulties with noise to the dentist?

    They can make a referral to have any work done under sedation but you must have a responsible adult with you.

    Love n hugs


  • Thanks for your reply and suggestions Shirl. He is aware of my illness and coma and i think my bi - I can't remember! But I just determinedly try to cope with the Dentist. Not sure why but maybe because it's one of the few things in my life I try to hang onto being the same and not having to do it differently like so much else in my life. But I'd do fear going every time now.

  • Going to the dentist tomorrow, first time since TBI, have a broken tooth, so little worried, new dentist as well. Your post gives me encouragement.

  • Thanks Strwberry Creme and Cat for the replies.

    And hope you are ok too Johnnyreb.

    Nan x

  • It certainly takes it out of me going. Had a replacement cap recently and both the temporary and final cap ment I was knackered for several days after. It's pretty non sensible as the physical tissue damage caused by the process minimal so it's mostly all psychometric

  • psychosomatic I mean. New word for my phone but a useful one

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