pissed off and let down again

today i am more pissed off and incandescant with fury with someone my lodger who i trusted for 6 monts he has has problems with canterbury city council paying his housing benefits a solution is to ask our mp sir roger gale to assist him i made a meeting a few weeks ago he failed to attend knowing without the rent being paid i will have my house repossessed another made for today for which i gave him the teain fare but he no showed he not answering his phone probably not the guts to tell me he never went to meeting god am i embarressed and angry i really ought to chuck him out but even the threat of the rent being paid is too much to keep my home

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  • Some people are so selfish Neil, I don't know how they live with themselves. Sorry you are having to deal with this on top of everything else. I don't know what the solution is but I hope it all works out xx

  • thank you what they dont realise is that i have a good brain and know they will be all helpful on friday when i receive my benefits keeping the moral highground and my dignity i shall refuse their help saying i have manage to get by for 3 days without any money nor your hrelp i think i will survive with a few pounds oin my pocket and enjoy it their loss not mine

  • omg im sorry to hear this. i hope you srt it out soon .

  • all sorted out old rugby trick and biusiness trick rugby when in full fligh stop running opposition stops grubber kick a ball therough they have to turn you fly on gather ball and score rather than a shouting match i waited till contacted didnt mention mp he did sayoing missed the stop on the train blaming the guard for not telling him offering to rearrange meeting then back to normal even offerd me my £5 back which to maintain moral high ground i refused saying no it was spent on a rail fare

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