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i suffered a sah in 2007 and am now unable to work disabled and totally reliant on others to get about i have huge debts and am possibly going to have my home repossed in 2013 last week i was 52 on thiursday yesterday i drove to london for lunch with my daughter whose 22 during which she was concerned at how tirred i am lkooking mentally and physically suggesting that i should take a holiday nowhere exotic but a long weekend away

until recently i hadnt anyone i could trust to come with me i now have a lodger whose willing

last year i had to travel to corwall for the spreading of ashes of a former fiancee the funding for the few days incl a b and b and fuel was granted by the salvation army and arranged by adulyt social services i have asked both again for help the salvation army cant assis me and social services cant help does anyone know a charity or body i might apply to all i am talking about is £400 fuel and 3 nights at a b and b

probably to either belfast to visit my godson or edinburgh to visit a friend whose in a hospice


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Hi Neil. Is there a rugby charity or work-related (when you worked) charity you could speak too?


not aware of a rugby charity as my injury didnt happen while playing i wasnt employed when my injury happened having taken vol redundancy in the june injury in dec 07


Hi Neil,

It might be worth you contacting our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk - they will be able to discuss in a little more detail with you, and perhaps point you in the direction of anyone who can help.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,



thank you will do neil


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