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Getting very confused right now


I think I hav the C.A.B coming to me to help with the benefit forms Monday

I have had a long talk with Social Services, do not know what is happening about my assessment.

My consultant was terrible, looked at my scar and said you ar cured and may go, thats my part over, go see your doctor. if you have a pain take a paracetamol.

Doctor signed me off again and has now referred me to a neuropsychologist.

I think I will chase Social Services today and then try to walk slowly round the corner to my place of work with my new forms.

Have arisen today very confused and in a bit of pain and don't feel right, but getting used to these days now, they do not scare me any longer.

Think I nee to chase social services for my assessment.

That is what I think, so will ty today to get my chasing done and stuff.

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Sorry to hear you are having a tiring and trying day. Can I ask if you use a system/ central place to keep information about appointments and assessments and benefits etc? It can really help if you have a lot going on so that when you can't quite recall what is happening you have somewhere you can go to double check the latest information

I am more than happy to share what works for me if it would help.

I have a little notebook, that is best for me, so 1 place, I have just chassed up social services who may be able to get me sent to headway, I am hoping for 2 days a week, it is the social aspect and the activities that make you use your brain and aid in the repair I am after, I would love to return to work but know it is not practical as yet.

I am always intrested in the ways others cope to see if it might be more beneficial to me, I am also considering using my iphone to help, it has a calender and is more likely not to be lost and all the scribbles on the note pad would not be confusing.

Hi, +1 on the iphone idea. I use mine for that very purpose, the calender and the memo pad are invaluable to me. Used to use written notes but could never remember where I put them. lol

One small cautionary note about the headway stuff, I have used their services for about six years. I guess that's the cautionary side, yes the service is a godsend, just don't be thinking along the lines of miracle workers. They will definitely help you come to terms with your condition but I have spent many years seeking repair only to discover that it's not quite that straight forward. Things will get better over time and I suppose that that is the key with recovering from head injury. Time.

I regret not going to headway sooner than I did, but at twenty three i thought I knew best and rushed straight back to work thinking I could take on the world.

My personal opinion for training the brain, and something that I found very useful is crossword puzzles. Especially the cryptic ones because you need to think in a kind of abstract way so I feel it helps to broaden perspectives. Good luck

crosswords sounds like a good idea, will try that and will task myself with transferring to the iPhone tomorrow. I am not expecting loads at headway, just people to talk too that went through what I have, social support. I am also getting a neuropsychologist and want my brain to repair fast, I want to return to work but the nature of my work is caring for others, I know I am unable to do this until I am able to care for myself.

A dirty great whiteboard you can't ignore (or absent-mindedly misplace!) is also worth considering for the house. Some(!) of us are lucky with the benefits assessment (my local advisor and examiner both up to speed on ABI's doubtless helped by HW) but deffo get help with forms. Getting my head round an unfamiliar system at a 'cognitively challenging time' nearly polished me off!

Sounds like you're doing all the right things; well done, bodes well for a good long-term outcome :-)

well today might go to the doctors as swelling down one side of my face and half my teeth ache on that side too, am walking real bad and a bit shaky, so do I go to the doctors, I don't want to feel like a hypercondriac but it is the same side as my haemorrhage and just need reassurance I think that it is not a bleed again, also feel a little breathless but just got up, to go or not to go, can get a lift there but have to walk back in the rain ???

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