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Neuroligyst after nearly 2 years?


Hi, So i had seen a neuro while i was in a coma etc

Now my solicitor has got me to meet with a neuro, its been like 2 years in june..

I have no idea what they do? Or even can do their job as its been nearly 2 years?

If you can shread light on things please?

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Hi Andrew

I should think your solicitor has asked that you see a neurologist so that they can prepare a report detailing all the (medical) effects of your head injury. Lawyers like to have a single, compiled document as ammunition rather than many different, and often conflicting, medical records.

This should be for your benefit and you may find it helpful to have a chat about all your head injury issues with a family member/friend who knows you well beforehand, note down every issue and then take notes and helper with you to see the neurologist.

Try to rest before you go as it may take a few hours for the neuro to ask all their questions and it could be tiring.

All the best


also the neurologist will often make recommendations as to what treatment is needed (my compo claim went on for nearly ten years) as they had to wait for outcomes of different treatments.

but the plus side is that the other side paid for a lot of treatment i wouldn't have got on the NHS or allowed me to get it quicker.

it pissed me off waiting so long at the time, but with hindsight my solicitor was right taking so long.

think of this guy as a possible gateway for more help, because his recommendation count, so make sure you tell him/her everything as it could be the difference between getting help or not getting help. (i found it hard to open up, but the neurologist managed to get everything out of me)

so take a whole written list if you don't think you can remember or find it too stressful

they spent about 60k on treatment for me which the other parties insurance had to pay, and i honestly believe i wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for that treatment.

on a side note (but a very important one) keep a copy of that report

and if you get any treatment always ask them for a copy of what treatment you have and any diagnosis they come up with because the biggest problem i found that other than the initial hospital stay a lot of my treatment was private, but after they settled and you go back to the NHS you start at the bottom rung of the ladder again, but if you have all the data letters and details at least you can show what's happened and they can act better with that info, rather than referring you up one step at a time or duplicating treatments that dont work

(i didn't keep note of all my treatments and had to start again with NHS) and its long winded indeed

i hope this helps a little

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So basically it will just be question im asked, and not like medically looked at through machines etc? I will find it hard to talk like really hard, the doctor only know half of whats going on

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at that time i wouldn't think so, have you had mri scans of your brain yet?

he may refer you for scans or suggest to the solicitor that they arrange it

but the important thing is ask him if he can suggest a treatment plan, as this will benefit you immensely (depending on types of problems you have)

when you get the report from the solicitor afterwards make sure everything was covered, i didn't and all this is hindsight (i didn't understand anything that was going on at the time and am thankful i had such a thorough solicitor)

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Well i assume MRI is the brain scan.. then i have coz my dad kept saying to me youve deffo got a brain in their, lol

bikerlifestyle in reply to Hidden

haha that's fine then

I should just be talking unless you have movement problems, in which case they might just want to see how restricted you are,

but i found mine was very understanding and approachable

i find it so hard to open up to some people, i have been seeing my current neuro doctor for 5 yrs and still cant open up to him, so headway are helping me change him next tuesday

I had an independent neurological report last summer, almost 2 years after my car crash and it consisted of a very thorough neurological assessment, you know the 'squeeze my hand', 'can you feel this', testing reflexes, checking balance etc, the same as I have had during NHS treatment. I had an independent orthopaedic report the year before and that specialist had recommended MRI scans and physio which I have had done privately. My husband went to both appointments and was fully included in the question process which included questions about work history, activities of daily living, hobbies and how I have been affected sine my TBI plus the neurologist was very informative, explained a lot of things that no-one else had (he had copies of all my NHS treatments & consultations ).

Bikerlifestyle - 10 years! I have been told my case will take a long time as it is complicated but I thought that would be 5 years max....eek!

that's a good point you made about taking you partner with you, i forgot about that,

i cant believe how long it took either, but he was thorough so cant complain :)

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Ah that makes sence about balance etc, but i must have still been out off it i cant renember at all haha but i have seen one

after my operation and treatment I saw 5 nero physios and was suprised at how much they were aware of what I was going through. I regularly see consultants, and they joke when I forget things, that they always make allowances for head injurys, which is comforting that I am not expected to perform as normal. Last year although I am not now on icapacity benefit I once was, and was told by the benefit office that I must see a medical assesor. Maybe I was lucky, but was refered to a specialist consultant, who knew of the effects of a brain injury and felt I had been persecuted by the benefit system, so good luck if they know their specialised area you will be ok, they ask a whole range of questions and maybe ask you to do a few exercises which will show your hand to eye coordination, balance reflex. Please do not worry if your solicitor has arranged it they will not be trying to trick you

Mine was very thourough and did the reflexes and balance sight and speech memory and all the usual stuff. It was from there i refered to other specialists. Over the course of the 7 yrs it took to do the legal stuff i had tons of appointments and treatments.

Just take someone with you, ask for breaks if you need them.


Am i basically seeing that my case can go on for many years too?


today went great people, donno why i was shitting it, See when he hits your knee and elbow whats supposed to happen? nothing did, he also informed me that i im in for a substanual amount how ever much severe head injurys are.. So now im going to see other specialists and finally get another brain scan after two years. 1 year too late!! See how good going private is jumps 1million places in nhs

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