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waiting to change my drs

theve given me the wrong tablets 4 times n ive waited 7 weeks fr my fit tabs to be chnged but was told they cnt do it till thy gt fax frm hospital which thy found 5 mins after my dghtr went there thy thn gave me keppra which i have to mke a plan wth the dr to take them instead of pheyniton and introduce them with the others but thy just said stop the pheyniton nthem tke keppra didnt sound rght to me so phoned cardiff hosp and was told no dont dtop tking them just wait till gt new drs and srt it out then i went bk fr my results cos of losing a stone in weightand high blood prssure and thy didnt weigh me or check blood prssure thy just gave me ramapril as fr as im concrned thy put me behind fr mearly 2 mnths in my recovery thnks fr listening hope everyones ok

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thanks it was a choice of writting it on here or goin up drs myself which wldnt ave been a gd idea


Sounds confusing, frightening and frustrating. I hope you get it sorted out soon.




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