Starting to notice a change after 16 months!!!

Morning all, after suffering a TBI in sept 2015 I thought all was well, just lately (in the last couple of weeks) I have noticed my short term memory is getting terrible, just last night I went in to the kitchen and by the time I got there I could not think for the life of me what I went in there for!! That's just one example, has anyone else had the same effects months after thinking all was ok? My "clots on the brain" where at the frontal lobe area which I believe does control memory, let's hope I don't forget to pay my bills.............

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  • If this is a new symptom 14 months on I would suggest you go and see your GP. It is more usual that the memory problems are apparent at the time of the brain injury. Developing at a later date like you are describing suggests possibly another reason ?related to age, or a new organic cause etc.

  • Age, I do hope not I only turned 40 last week, don't tell me it's all down hill from here lol, thanks for the reply I may well make a visit to the GP )if I can get an appointment)

  • Everybody has those forgetful moments even without a brain injury where we forget what we went into a room for etc. However, if it is occurring a lot e.g. daily and is persistent memory problems throughout the day then you do need to get checked out as it sounds like you haven't had memory problems since your bi so possibly not the tbi in 2015. It is obviously worrying you so best to get an appt booked with GP.

  • Very very true

  • Def c ur gp huni you can never be too safe it's always worth a quick call to them atleast to get a professional opinion xxx

  • Yep I will and see what they say, may even give addenbrokes a call

  • If that is where you were treated then I would suggest ringing the consultants secretary and asking her to seek the consultants opinion. Probably better than asking the GP because his knowledge of bi is most likely limited.

  • I did notice things as time when on, for myself, my assumption is that as life calmed down I noticed, slowly, ooh my memory isn't great is it? Is that as before or worse etc.

    Only thing that I think developed after was twitching when tired and/or asleep but all others I'm sure where there just masked by the events of the time.

  • Yes that makes a lot of sense

  • Hi, I was 50 last year and I'm 3 yrs after my TBI this month. I do still have a short memory challenge, but don't worry about it. The extra exercise caused by it isn't to bad and I use my phone for memory reminders on anything important.

  • How long after your TBI did they follow with a check up on the Neurology department?


  • I was almost 2 years before I really noticed my chronic Fatigue!

    Now, 4 years since my TBI, I have bad short term memory, and my Ataxia is much more noticeable to me! (I had all those within 6 months, so they're not things that suddenly appeared)

    I suppose my Acceptance of my TBI, was a huge battle I conquered!

    All the best with your recovery!

  • Yes my memory has deteriorated in recent years but my Consultant thinks that it took so long to diagnose Central Alveolar Hypoventilation Syndrome - MRIs are expensive but almost useless for neurological damage that is not venous... But they think it is Vascular Dementia after so many years of low blood oxygen. Sadly I do not breath often enough but instead of breathing or even yawning I simply felt an overwhelming need to sleep. A cheap test wearing a battery operated finger oximeter was all they needed but until a new GP referred me to a Respiratory Consultant no-one could do this apparently!

    It is irritating when folk chime in with 'oh my memory' is terrible examples. It is totally different - as though the experience was never recorded or saved to memory.

  • Hi there x. My son had his accident in july 2015. Hes 13 now. His memory seems to fluctuate. Sometimes good sometimes terrible. Forgot his badminton match last week and cried 😢 He had a bleed and surgery to remove clots. In a coma for a while but so so lucky xx things change for us all the time but we are all still here!! Hope it works out for you x. Play every day as it comes and have fun x

  • Hi :) I wonder if it's the case that as you recover / start going out alone / start back to work again, that you notice how you're no lknger doing things the way you did before ? For a long time I had help to do evrtyhihg / help to go to things / general support. But now I'm 'let out' alone and trying to resume some kind of normal life - I realise I find lots of thngs very challenging now that I could do without thinking previously. So maybe (like me) you're just be coming aware that things are not the same as they were before? Do go and seek help and get checked out, and do things to help improve recall and thinking skills - like crosswords and puzzles. Good luck

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