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Hi I'm back again peeps. More questions i'm hoping that you can answer for me please. Is there an average waiting time to seeing a consultant after you have had a CT SCAN with dye and then seeing them in clinic. I already know that I have a 7mm aneurysm on a main artery on the left side of my brain. So what is an approximate length of time to wait. What is a long time and does this reassure you the longer you wait/ / waited. What is a worryingly quick length of time or did you think less stressful because questions answered quicker. What questions do you think I should ask and why . Thank you and kind regards kathy

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  • about a month sometimes before next appointment,but it vaires,write down what you want to ask and take someone with you if you can,all the best

  • I think it will depend on where you are having the scan and the follow up appointment done because can vary between hospitals depending on where you are attending as big differences in the size of service and the number of people needing to be seen etc. Can only suggest you ring the consultants secretary who should be able to give you an idea as to how long you will wait to be seen.

  • What I left out was that the consultant's seceteray rang 9.30am yesterday morning to arrange to go to see him tomorrow and then about an hour ago the consultant himself rang me to arrange for me to see him not realising I was already booked in. All he would say on the phone was that it was of a medium size and he could treat me but didn't elaborate any further. I only had my ct scan on Friday morning and I thought I'd get an appointment through the post. I just wanted feedback on other people's views and how to prepare. I'm constantly crying as I'm the unofficial head of my family since my nana passed away and this is going to have a major impact on a lot of people. Thank you kind regards Kathy

  • I now understand your huge worry. I don't think there is anything I can say that is going to lessen your worry and fear as non of us can predict what the scan has shown and what the consultant will be saying to you - good or bad. At least you are being followed up quickly and the speed of the apt doesn't necessarily mean its catastrophically bad as it seems you are predicting. Try and hang onto his words that he can treat you. When you know the facts then you will know for sure what you are facing because I don't think it will be helpful to hear and compare other people's situations.

    Very best wishes for tomorrow and please do share on here what the outcome is. x

  • I live in leeds I had mri at st.james and ct scan at the LGI .

  • Hi Kathy

    There are so many factors that if I were you I wouldn't read too much into it, beyond that at 7mm treatment is usually on the cards and they presumably think it is straightforward and can get you in - bish bash bsh, job done.

    My case (8mm x 4mm bilobed and bone dissected annie on the internal carotid/opthalmic junction) has been to and fro to the hospital's multidisciplinary team meetings since last Feb. I am on my 2nd consultant as they have reviewed and discarded options as we have gone along the way: leave it be (then they discovered lobe 2 and that it was twice the size they had thought); coiling (no good, neck too wide); surgery (only achieves half a job and makes me blind/gives me a stroke in the process); to where I am now - looking into whether a PED or flow diverter may be possible. Otherwise it will be prayer power only! Guess what I am trying to say is that quick doesn't have to mean urgent - it can mean straightforward. And slow isn't necessarily 'nothing to worry about' - it can be 'we don't yet know if we can sort this'.

    He can treat you. As Strawberry says that is a real blessing. If he can move quickly too - all the better. You can have your op and move on. I should go see him and get the date in your diary. We will all be rooting for you!

  • kathykpr hi how did it go


  • Hi hunnie I go this afternoon but will update later on when I'm home.

  • Hi Kathy. Please try not to worry ; there are so many variables to consider.............workloads, cancellations, transfers ; all adding up to constant changes and rescheduling of appointments.

    The surgeon knows that the sooner your aneurism is sealed the better so as to avoid possible rupture and complications for everyone concerned, longer-term.

    As Mal has said, if an unexpected theatre space comes up they want to use that space for an op they consider predictable enough to fill it efficiently without overrunning.

    Hope all goes well Kathy & there's every reason to believe it will ! Best wishes, Cat x

  • Thank you everyone for your reassuringly kind words

  • How did you get on today Kathy...........is your consultant ready to proceed with the op ?

    I hope some of your anxiety will ease as you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't thank my surgeon enough for the way he fixed my brain after a bleed ; I hope you'll be reaching that same point very soon.

    Best wishes, Cat x

  • Hi everyone thankyou so much for you kind supportive words. It was the most surreal experience. I went to the outpatients appointment and was the only person there accept for one nurse waiting for me. ( 48 hr strike ). Anyway she then rang for the consultant and surgeon to come down and talk with me. The only thing was that they couldn't access my scan images because computer was playing up but the consultant showed me the actual aneurysm on his iPhone. Anyway it's in the middle cerabal part of my brain just where the artery starts to divide into two and in a deep fold. They are going to clip it as they both agree that it's a case of when it will bleed not if . Due to no outpatients I was unable to have my pre op assessment. So I'm just waiting for two appointments one for pre op and one for the surgery which they said will be around 8 weeks. The reason that they were speedy in part was because the consultant was breaking up Friday for annual leave for 3 weeks and was trying to get as much sorted out beforehand. My problem now is telling family and friends and managing their emotions. I find it incredibly difficult does or did anyone else find this kind regards Kathy x x

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