DVLA waiting times

I am wondering if any of you are struggling to get your driving licence back from the DVLA. I ask as I expected to be driving again ages ago.

I had a craniotomy in January to fenestrate a cyst that was pressing on my optic nerve causing pain and field of vision problems in my right eye.

There is a mandatory 6 month ban and return your licence law in place for anyone having a craniotomy but you can start the process of getting your licence back 8 weeks before the 6 months is up.

I had been hoping for late July but it took until September for my neurosurgeon and eye consultant to send in their reports and to have a DVLA eyesight test which I passed with flying colours.

The last 2 times I have phoned up DVLA to see where I am in the queue has been disappointing to say the least.

There was the first queue that I had been in since June which was a few weeks behind target which I just had to accept and they were good at sending reminders for my consultants to return the forms. But when I reached the top of that queue they said due to the amount of paperwork submitted their department had sent my medical reports to another department where qualified Doctors would read them and then reissue or not my licence.

This was in October and 2 different people both told me it will be 33 to 34 week's before my notes are even looked at due to a huge backlog.

This takes it to Mid May next year and possibly beyond if they want further or updated information.

Anyone else being inconvenienced like this, I find not having a car makes life much more difficult and physically harder which is not good when your trying to conserve your energy.

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  • Hi,

    I've heard incredible stories about the length of time it can take to go through the get your licence reinstated process :( I'm still suffering with vertigo after my TBI amongst other things which I'm waiting for improvement with befor I apply to get my licence back, but reading your post makes me think that I should apply now and hope I'm well in a years time when my application finally reaches the front of the queue :) Perhoss we should start a change.org petition to get the powers that be to investigate why this is being allowed to go on. By its very nature it's a disabllity issue, and it seems somewhat of a discrimination. The man who hit me causing my TBI had his driving licence revoked in court, but was allowed to just retake his test and drive again, with no wait. Good luck with your application - it's difficult to manage without a car, especially when you need it for work. With winter coming on, I hope they reply to you soon :)

  • Hi Mazvol

    All I can do is wish you luck.

    Although my licence wasn't taken away I was put on a short licence (1 year).

    The forms arrived and were filled in 2 months before that time was up.

    9 months later I got a letter telling me to arrange an assessment.

    2&1/2 months later there was the assessment and it was at least another month before I actually got my licence back.

    I wish I could give you more hope.

    Love n hugs


  • I had the same problem with the long wait time following my craniotomy. I spoke to my local MP who got in touch with the DVLA to speed matters up. It went from 30 weeks to 3 weeks...

    Maybe worth sending an email to your MP to see if it helps. My MP said it was due to the "mal-adminstration" by the DVLA

  • That's a good idea , cheers

  • Hi

    My husband had a TBI and had surgery to remove a blood clot. His Dr told him it would be a year before he would get his licence back as long as he had no seizure.

    He had to get forms filled in from the dr confirming that he had no complications/seizure free throughout the year.

    Dvla where a nightmare though. We had to end up going to our MSP to get him to take it up with Dvla on his behalf. This certainly speeded up the return of his driving licence which he so desperately needed to have. It was his freedom!!

    Worth getting in touch with your local MSP/MP for help.

    Hope you get it sorted out soon.

  • thanks, I will try that, meanwhile I am selling my car and buying a good quality ebike with the money so at least I can get out a bit.

  • Good luck with DVLA and enjoy your new bike.

  • Hi, I am still dealing with cheeky low offers for my car on eBay, first time selling a car online as I usually part ex with the garage I buy my new one off. Need all the luck I can get regarding DVLA so thanks

  • Hi Marzvol - see my posts elsewhere...I think it took me over a year to get a request for an assessment answered. ~when I did I went to see my GP only to have the same request for an assessment letter come back to me. The whole process, a bit like Random above, took nigh on 2 years.

    Don't hold your breath.... 8-0

  • you don't realise how bad a service is until you need to use it, they should employ more assessor's to clear the backlog and then keep staff levels at a level that meets the demand. They have obviously had a problem for years and are now experts at fobbing people off. It needs highlighting the problems they cause people.

  • Unfortunately I think they are probably the victim of the austerity culture. It doesn't really matter what public service you try to access these days, waiting lists are longer and longer, assessments more and more stringent, help more and more difficult to come by. God bless the bankers in their pinstripes who put us here! Because otherwise a toasty end awaits them...

  • You know what I was never told I couldn't drive, but I wasn't capable of doing so anyway for a good 4-5 months, I do remember informing the DVLA, a some time later and my licence was not taken from me, however I did have a HGV licence too which was taken off my driving licence and I can never get this back. Also I had to renew my licence after 5 years, which fortunately went well, now its the normal renewal time. I remember phoning them constantly waiting to see if my licence would be renewed etc. Perhaps things have changed in the last 10 years, regulations etc.

    Hope your wait isn't too long.


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