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am i guilty

many years ago i was responsible for the press and public relations for a leding sports betting company in 2007 i sufffered a sah and i thought i was unemployable until yesterday when i saw an appeal for a spin doctor for a national spoorts body always having been a helpful chap my first reaction was to suggest a pr company i used at the betting company with whom i had a falling out after they went behind my ack i obtained the contact details from an old work colleague who commented afte i explained the assisgnment murp you could eat that well i put my name in the hat and will hear on friday i am hoepful frankly anything biut state benefits is a job have i been deceiptful i have never done anything wrong stolen etc ect i once walked out of a meeting after being offereda million dollar incentive but i hate to be thought of as a shit

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It's not clear what you think could be the problem here. You knew a good answer to a question the sports body had and you can supply that to them. Sounds like a very good thing to do.


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