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Returning to contact sport after brain injury.

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So I was in a car accident in August 2015.

Suffered a subdural brain heamatoma and skull fracture.

7 days in the specialist neurology ward before I was allowed home.

About 6 months after, a car boot slammed on my head and cut it open. However, upon seeing the brain specialist, he said I am at no more risk of getting another heamotoma just because I've already had one.

Thinking of returning to boxing, so wondered - Has anyone ever a similar question or experience?

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I wouldn't - it's not so much the risk of another haemotoma, but the fact that your brain probably wants to recover.

I had to quit lacrosse for 2 years after my stroke, I missed it but I'm glad I did! (We wear helmets mind!)

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spider555 in reply to B_S_A

I can't do my high risk sport any more.

i'm sure the doctor is right, that you should be no more at risk, this said boxing is does carry risks, that has been known for years with such phases such as "Punch Drunk" etc.

The risk of another Bleed, is as the doctor said likely to be as before, the risk is will your brain that has had major trauma a few years ago respond to being knocked about from blows to the head etc?

If you have any lasting effects even in the slightest then I think it would be unwise.

I do understand the need to do what you where doing, I go MTBing there are a number of risks, it's often on exposed high land, there is significant speeds, and heights at times etc. But it is what I did before and after.

Personally I wouldn't do something as risky as boxing. I know how disorientated and confused I was with brain illness and wouldn't want to put myself/my friends and family as well as the nhs staff through this again if I could avoid it.

But if you are making informed decision that's your choice.

Could you find a less risky but "similar" type of sport ?

Please, no boxing or any other contact sport. Give yourself time to heal.

Fella I wanted to go back to playing rugby after a subarachnoid bleed in an RTC but I was told NO!

I think it's one of them fella where you've survived a brain injury & I wouldn't put my brain through any further potential damage.

I know these sports are a big part of the people we are but I think life is more important to risk any further brain damage.

I wish you well fella. 😉

I had to stop playing football after a TBI and haven't for five years now.

It was really tough not to at first but I got used to it and began to focus more on running (which I love).

Recently some of the lads I played footie with talked of a reunion but I am trying my hardest to dismiss it.

Try looking at other non contact fitness activities and you'll find the endorphins will still be released.

I regularly run up to half marathon distance and get such a buzz from it. Gym classes such as spin cycle and H. I. I. T. keep me fit too.

I would advise no boxing though.

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