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For Lloydyuk....positivity

For Lloydyuk....positivity

Hi, I wanted to post our achievement by photo..

I had a brain haemorrhage some 7 years ago. Husband, son and family told it was

touch and go, and the only slight chance I had of survival was to have a 5 hour brain operation which would hopefully save my life. It did!!!! A very very long road of recovery with many many MANY pitfalls. But I'm here to tell you with my determination and the love of my good man and of late (last couple of years),lots of achievements. here's one.....

Our beautiful grandson having picked (with grandad) his bounty from our garden

And me holding peas we had picked, podded and bagged ready for later eats🍃

Before my B.I. our garden was lawn Post B.I. it's our sanctuary

I love our achievements...and Lloydyuk its darn good to reflect and remember them 😃

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All I can say is well done


lovely pic and well done indeed x


Brilliant! :) x


Congratulations on all you have achieved.

Lisa85 xxx


Hey that's fantastic and far better than lawn in my opinion not only for you it seems!

I try to see the positive in as much as I can as I really think the other option isn't worth my effort. It's not actually a choice anymore, smile or be glum a no thanks.

Fresh veg and fruit and exercise and relationship strengthening all from your own garden. Wow!!

Funny enough I've very recently taken on a raised bed at an allotment and have just pulled my first veggies out! I'm in pickling mode now (beetroot) lol.

It's got my dad interested too and he's got his own ground plot now at the same place.

I really appreciate you letting me know your achievements is made my day in fact. So thank you


hi hannah good to see your doing well i had my bi 2 1/2 years ago and im grateful for every day i have i wish you continued good health david


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