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Poem, Welcome to Holland

My son pointed me in the direction of this poem, google it and read but only if you can cope with the emotions, it is aimed at parents of disabled children but I feel it works for those of us mourning our previous lives. He has a daughter with Coffin- Lowry syndrome who is now 16 and spent many years coping with the problems and the fact that this is for life( yes she is my grand-daughter and a delight to have) he now has a mother with acquired brain injury but (and its not easy, I do sympathise with everyone in our position) I can be insufferably optimistic, probably because this has happened to me at 60 not when I was younger, but I take inspiration from my son and his wife, take the best you can from life, we're only this way once.

Take care

Love Janet

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What a beautiful, insightful little essay. It's often the simplest metaphors which are the cleverest and have the most impact.

I didn't know about your grand-daughter until just now and it makes sense that your son would be drawn to this piece of writing although, I must say, after considering it in the context of your family and finding it emotionally highly charged, It then hit home as a metaphor for mine also and then, for life in general.

Thank you for this, Janet. I wouldn't otherwise have ever found it and it really is a gem.

cat xx


Thank you Cat, I look on us all as one big family pulled together by our shared experiences, the support we give one another is invaluable, take care, we all have so much to share, my experience with this trauma removed the blinkers I was wearing towards the rest of my life, every day is now a blessing, love to you and your family Janet x


Very well written, I can totally get it. This could apply to so many of life's unexpected twists and turns. It highlights the importance of understanding and appreciating what you have when you were expecting something different, or in real terms our dream or what we feel to be "perfect" but embracing and loving the new situation we have been given, even though it wasn't what we planned, whilst dealing with the loss of how we thought thing should/would be. Hope that makes sense! X


i liked that metaphor

its a good way of explaining it

also i guess most people have heard of the spoon theory

but if you haven't then its here



I like that one too, I'm not very good with the computer that's why I didn't put the link up, I have to ask my husband to do all that for me cos I forget so easily, I think the bank thought I was having them on when I came out of hospital and couldn't remember any of my logins and pin numbers, they didn't see the trouble I had making the tv work in the hospital! Still have my moments!


Sounds like you must be constantly running out of spoons ! Take care, Janet.

I feel that most people have missed out on 'Welcome to Holland' which is such an awful waste. With your permission I'd like to post another blog drawing extra attention to it. cat xx


No problem Cat you can post another blog, I suppose I do push myself too much at times, my sister told me you'd replied to me 'cos I've been swimming this morning and walked home so was snoozing and contemplating doing some gardening, but you've made me think now, I'll sit in the garden instead! If I don't there'll be no spoons left for tonight's meal. I just don't want to waste the good days. Thanks Janet


i missed it because i read it and had a bit of a problem working it out but read it a few times now and i get it, so well worth posting again, as for me it explains how you move on because you have to, not because you want to


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