Well I did it!!

Only had my Subarachnoid haemorrhage 10 weeks ago and for the first 7 weeks was so ill, scared and depressed, constantly worried I was going to be taken from my reason for living, my two gorgeous children, what would happen to them if I died, how I was going to manage Christmas, the list is endless. My children have had a wonderful Christmas and were spoilt rotten and despite now being shattered and feeling rotten its been lovely, I'm so grateful. I still worry a lot but its early days. Hope 2013 is a better year for everybody. Lisa x

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  • happy times- christmas is such a lovely time but it comes with worries and adds stress - im so pleased for your children xx

  • glad you had a lovely xmas .. life sometimes is to short to fret and the worry doesnt help the slightest ... come on pull a cracker !!!

  • Thanks guys. Pulled plenty yesterday formula, the jokes were as bad as ever lol x

  • lisa this was my 6th chrisdtmas since my sah all spent without my children but to speak to them yesterday was a blessing in itself good luck and god bless neil

  • I'm sure it was :-). Thanks Neil x

  • must admit that my kids are one of the strongest things that help me keep going when i feel like giving up,

    and well done on getting through Christmas, may you have many more good ones

  • Thank you biker and the same to you x

  • I was teriefied my children would be taken from me, the social work dept were fantastic in getting the right support for them and me, see if yours have a ABI support worker.

    Glad you had a great christmas x

  • So glad you had a lovely chrismas, the worry with ease with time, make sure you rest now to recover from the last few days, happy new year xx

  • Bravo! Think how amazing the next year will be :o)

  • Thanks everyone. Hope you all have a happy healthy New Year xx

  • hi ive only just read your blog good tht u had a nice xmas iad my sah 6mnths ago first 5 mnths i had realy bad headaches all the time its so scary and by 2weeks ago i thght thy nvr gnna stop but as u cn see by my blog ystrday was pain free dont lose hope it will gt bttr fr you n i hope it does soon

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