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Things Went Well, I Think

Well C.A.B came to help me with my benefit forms, They asked me about my worst days, but I told them about average days as I do not want to be done for benefit fraud. At the end they said I should get both the care and mobility components but they were unsure if it would be both low or one low and one mid rate.

I would be happy with both on low rate, I was told I still get my SSP and when it finishes I can claim ESA, so I do not have to worry about the mortgage any more, It will take 4 weeks for a decision, but a great weight has been lifted.

I think it may of helped that I have a few mental health issues also with GAD. I also have a bad knee that my doctor included in my health history, but it only hurts once a week and has to be cast once a year.

Now I will not appeal the decision if I get the lowest rate for care and mobility, it is what I think I should get easily, should they not offer one of the components then I will appeal.

Now I am waiting for Social Services to come give me my assessment to fund me going to my local headway, I hope this goes just as well.

I have to go back to the doctors, being diagnosed with neuralgia friday it turns out my blood pressure is very very high even on the blood pressure pills, my blood pressure is still through the roof, might end up on more pills trying to take slow and frequent walks in the garden.

My partner has been brining in an ok wage, but my wages matched his and he had been looking for another job, I hope if he really does not want to, he will not need to now, I would rather he worked where he was happy, not where he got a very high wage.

I hope to recover quick and get rid of these benefits and get back to work, but I need to keep telling myself, this is what the benefits are here for, and I am entitled, so do not feel bad, I have worked all my life and most of the time in the past ten years been on the highest tax rate, so in theory, what I need is peanuts to what I have paid.

C.A.B = citizens advice bureau

SSP = Statutory Sick Pay

ESA = Employment Support Allowance

GAD = General Anxiety Disorder

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You must be feeling great relief and, yes, you DO deserve the help offered, especially after your working history. I'm so happy that 'cruiser' doesn't have to start looking for a higher paid job, especially as he's happy where he is.

Hope you get the blood pressure sorted out soon.

Best wishes, cat x


Glad you got help as there is an art to these forms. When I applied for Richard's DLA he got high rate care but no mobility. The reason given for rejection was that he can go out on his own even in unfamiliar places. He can't! And nowhere had I said he could. Now a support worker is involved, she said my wording was ambiguous and optimistic (i.e. can't do this at the moment, but hopefully one day) so has done the appeal for us - we're still waiting a decision (it's been going on since June as original appeal got lost in post) but hopefully Richard will get low rate mobility eventually too.

So hope you get the right decision, if not, get more help!



Thanks all, I Think I should be low rate mobility for sure, was told that care will either be low or middle and should be middle but I would be happy with low as it would help a lot.


Good for you, glad you seem to have got it sorted to some degree. Seeing the C.A.B. myself in a couple of weeks regarding my own ongoing benefit saga. Your story gives me hope, thanks for posting it.



good luck with cab visit.but as skipper says always put your symptoms down as if they r seeing u on a bad day.i know how you feel coz i always feel a fraud but boy did i need educating.and you can access cab online u can play around and see how likely you would be to get other gov help like disability working tax credits.i also got help with my council tax as the house had to be altered by me & my husband.also built in a downstairs wet room as i can no longer bathe.but if you are a council tennant or housing association tennant social services MUST do this for free or dependant on where you live for a minimal contribution.good luck all n i'll catch up l8r to see how you all got on!!! keep the faith.


Well done. You should always tell those people about your worst days though. Don't know if you would be eligible but do also look at tax credits and the disability allowance. Despite the fact that no-one who works there knows anything about how it works it is easier to get than DLA. Being on SSP and once back to work doing less than you used to should help.


hi ,so glad fr you that things r being sorted ,and you do deserve to claim benefits.hope all goes good with social services.


xcellent news.glad cab able to help.hope u get at least middle rate 4 both mob & care but as u say low rate is fantastic progress.from small acorns n all that glad u will get help towards defraying bills like mortgage,child care etc.u must feel as if some of that large boulder of pressure n stress has lifted.


well I do not have anything yet but feeling positive about life in general, will keep you all uodated, do not feel I am severe enough for anything other than low rate mobility and mid rate care, so hope to get that, crumbs it is the little thing that cost a bomb, a decent blood pressure moniter is £70, a decent stability cane is £20, £10 for a pill pot thing that doesent hold all my meds as not big enough, and there are loads of litle things, like I have given loads of stuff up as can not afford to do them or afford to get their. Life stinks sometimes, but it will improve.

Chers All


Just a tip. It isn't a good idea to monitor your blood pressure too frequently as it naturally fluctuates. I have mine taken once a month and was advised against monitoring it myself as, when it fluctuates upwards, it can be unnecessarily worrying and this can cause a further rise.

Take care. xx


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