did I sleep ?

Hello everyone

Hope you are all ok, I have been looking at the posts. I have come to really enjoy catching up with you all.

I spoke to the GP like you said to and I got an appointment which was earlier today.

Nice male doctor who had a smile and caring eyes so I didn't mind speaking to him.

(apart from bladder problems then I got a bit shy).

Anyway my husband went with me and helped. We told him about my double vision and 'head in the sofa with a scrubbing brush for no reason' thing that is happening to me more and more recently.

he asked me if I had had a head injury recently and suspects its neurological, he suspects seizures post trauma, as you all do here.

Thank you for the advice on this, a big help to me and made me go to the GP, which I wouldn't have otherwise.

Kind regards to you all, hope you have ok days



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I'm so glad you've seen a doctor Jules ; did he suggest any further investigations ? xx

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Hi Cat & Gaia and Clara, Jules here.

Yes, the GP phoned this morning. They are going to scan my brain again, ECG, bloods and a visit to the 'Falls' clinic. (I have come up in big bruises on feet and ankles and seem to have taken a thump to my forehead. I guess they will want to assess my balance and if i need any other help. God, I sound so old, I just turned 50. and for at least 12 months i can still say 'just out of my forties!

I have been trying to get my driving license back for a year now - DVLA took it after they found out about my head injury and that one of the tablets makes me drowzie (but only at night time). Guess i have blown that for a while.

Hope everyone else is ok, i havent looked at everyones posts yet, havent been on line since yesterday, i have been working on a new project and got lost in time.





Brilliant news Jules ; just what the doctor ordered................literally !

It's good your GP is being conscientious and investigating your issues. I was hoping you wouldn't be fobbed off (as is so often the case with BI) and I'm really pleased that you'll now, hopefully, get a clearer and up-to-date diagnosis and any appropriate treatment.

Take care of yourself in the meantime won't you ? ..................no adventurous 'projects' 'til you know the score, health-wise. Obviously, keep us updated ! Love Cat x


thanks cat sleep well




You too missus ! :-/ xx


Hi Jules. Am pleased and relieved to hear that you did get quickly on to checking things out with your GP. Glad you saw someone kind, understanding and receptive of what's been happening. That's great that you are getting a thorough check with the investigations. I think it will be an EEG (head) not ECG (heart)?!

I feel that way too that pre illness/bi I was fit and very active for my age with insignificant health issue (just usual colds etc) but came out with body and bones that have declined to an OAP! Am a at latter end of 50's now.

Best wishes x


Hi Strawberry,

Yes i know what your saying entirely. I was fit before, maybe its because i took it for granted and now its been taken away.I did what now seems to me to be a very difficult, well paid job - did it without thinking, with ease. Took that for granted too. A big helping of humbling dished out.

But you know for me the worst thing is my face and how i walk on egg shells of people taking my face expressions wrong/or i get 'the moment. very wrong.

I was just reading some of Cats posts there, and like many on the forum, those smiley yellow faces are used a lot in the text. Reading a persons face helps so a conversations meaning is received as it was intended. We obviously dont have that on a forum, and we talk about some really sensitive stuff sometimes dont we.

I dont know how to use the smiley faces, but was just thinking how good it would be if it was socially acceptable to use little paddles with various smiley faces, using the one you want to express to a person as you talk/listen to them.

Would look odd, granted !

I always liked 'odd' thou - odd is good.

Hope your having a good day, i am about to try and start some work.

Kind regards




Thanks for keeping us updated, Jules- hope they find some answers for you.


HI Jules, I enjoy catching up on your news. And I too, am wondering if the dr has recommended further assessments? He is after all, a general practioner and is the 'go to' person for an initial assessment and then be referred to medical specialists, if needed. Or Jules, is it a case of wait and see? Either way, I am glad you went. You are very fortunate that your husband not only extinguishes spot fires in your kitchen,😀 he also accompanies you to your dr appt. Claire xx


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