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to trusting easily fooled

am i the only one with a sah that is consistently conned

i am not sure if its the way i was brough up mums words treat other as byou wish to be treated being broke there arew times when i ask for a loan or credit in cafes but i always pay when i can but recently a guy here has touched me for 3 loan dad heart attack £3 to get bus to see him the granny ill aznothe £3 bus fare then £20 for a usb cd drive

this morning is freezing here fell for the wait till 9 when post oiffice opend to cash giro waited till 9.30 when my health more important than £26 and came home is it me or the brain injury that i am far to trusting in this town since i got out of hospital thew total is £2500 i have been duped into pol,ice dont wat to know neil

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I think we become more aware of other peoples suffering which makes a soft touch to conmerchants. Many times Ive thought people think brain damage means simple. Since my ABI Ive had lodgers tell me I forgot they paid rent always money and always me out of pocket


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