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Are there any Nottinghamshire based members who had a head trauma in the past/recently? If so I would like to connect and meet for a cuppa tea in town and share our stories. Personally I feel like talking to people about my bus accident would help me cope easier with some of the symptoms I am experiencing at the moment, 3 weeks after the impact. I occasionally feel lightheaded and am having a difficult time trying to bring myself to eat.

Also am generally scared and confused about the future prospects as am suffering with health anxiety.


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  • I dont live near you but I go to my local headway group and find it invaluable. I dont know where I would be without them and the other BI surviours there. I Can highly recomend.

    Headway helpline gave me the details of my local group.

    Headways helpline is 0808 800 2244 monday to friday 9 -5pm

  • Hi Mary, thank you for your reply. Thing is I feel confused about my diagnosis as I am not 100% sure I got a brain injury. From the CT scan, the left side of the frontal bone got fractured as well as the bones around the left eye -but the latter never hurt so reckon it is healing? The doctors from MaxFax used the word facial/skull fracture but on my discharge letter the term "brain injury" is not present. I have been fully conscious from the moment I woke up in the ambulance (25-30 mins after the accident) and didn't have double vision etc.

    Except the on and off lightheadedness and some mild form of nausea I don't have any other major issues so unsure whether I have brain injury since I didn't have hemorrhage or op. The doctors chose to treat the bone fractures conservatively and only been prescribed iburprofen, paracetamol and co-amoxiclav.

  • I had a brain tumour they removed tumour the operation the crainotomy caused the issues i experiance. It took a very kind person on this site to point that ivasive brain surgery is a brain injury so no bi diagnosis as such either. I am not gonna pretend i understand what you have been through though pls Ring the headway helpline the people are lovely and they will be able to give you the best advice. Nowt to loose. Marzy x

  • My mum suffered a TBI in December 2014 following an RTA. We really struggled to get any help or advice apart from Headway Nottingham who were brilliant. They came out and spoke to all of us, not just mum, and really put our minds at rest. I would recommend contacting them.

  • will do so tomorrow, thank you!

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