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Hi all.

My name is Deb. I joined last week but been a bit busy to post so here I am. I'll tell you a little about myself.

I'm 49, live in South Wales married with 3 children a dog and 3 cats :)

I had a SAH in July last year. Completely out of the blue as they often are.

Spent 3 weeks in hospital, numerous lumbar punctures, CT scans etc as I'm sure most on here did.

I am recovering slowly but surely. Still get some bad headaches, though less frequent than they were, noises in my head, but probably the worse 2 things are the fatigue and poor memory.

I have a young daughter with an eating disorder and other health issues. I am her main carer, so almost instantly on leaving hospital I went straight back into the role of caring for her. In some ways this is a good thing as it stops me overthinking my own illness and health problems, but it can be so draining! It certainly doesn't hep the stress and fatigue.

So that's me. Look forward to being part of the community.

Take care all.


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  • Welcome Deb. Your life sounds very busy. Hope that the fatigue and memory improve, it's still early days for you but it is obviously difficult for you to get the rest you need.

    Keep in touch,


  • Hi Deb,

    Welcome, welcome, welcome. I haven't had an aneurysm, but I do have a Brain injury with many if not all of the common complaints associated with both conditions, including fatigue and memory issues.

    Settle in, this is just the place for you, full of like minded people ready to help.


  • What've you done with Curfew ??

    (Sorry Deb, Curfew is Andy's beautiful moggy who was previously featured on his profile photo).

    I hope I don't have to start a 'Bring Back Curfew' campaign........................... x

  • There she is! :)

  • That's better ! Thanks m'love. ;-) x

  • Anyone with a SAH, three children, & a dog and three cats is going to struggle with serious fatigue. So welcome Deb ; I hope this can be a place of sanctuary for you, and somewhere to share thoughts which fellow survivors can best identify with.

    My SAH was 5 years ago and, as my family were/are adults, I only had myself to care for. The fatigue is an issue for almost everyone here and is something I hope you'll get better & better at managing. 6 months is such early days though m'dear so I wouldn't be surprised if you were still feeling pretty overwhelmed with daily life.

    The memory deficits are also something to be worked on, to find aids and measures which work for you (I have to write appointments in black marker on my dressing table mirror then erase them later with acetone ; it's the only thing which works for me).

    I hope you'll find this a safe and supportive place to come Deb, any time. Cat x

  • Thank you Cat.

    I have little white boards around the house with things written on them to remind me of things. One for shopping, one for appointments etc...

    I think I drive my family crazy though because i'll tell them something, then an hour later tell them again. Haha. They're getting used to it now though.

    Take care.

    Deb. x

  • I often repeat myself within minutes! My children, now YPs (young people!) have grown up with this and treat it with good humour which is very loving and delightful. My husband though gets frustrated and cross quite often which hurts. I have a wooden day/date/month display and a clock to remind me and a filofax wherein I note most things like 'phone calls for future reference. Strategies are essential to manage these things - people take so much for granted but our brains are quite wonderful!

  • My children are grown up. 2 adults and 1 young teen. They've been amazing fair play. They just laugh at the daft words that leave my mouth, which is great, makes me feel less stupid :)

  • Hello there Deb and welcome from me... fairly new myself.

    I'm sure you will find it a great support coming here.

    Try and take some time for yourself also... easier said than done. I had a brain tumour years ago now but have never really spoken to others with brain injury until i found this site.

    I'm sorry to read that daughter has E.D. There is precious little good support about for that I know. I hope that she comes through it sooner rather than later. Glad her mum is safe.... Don't worry so much about the notes everywhere. We have all done similar at some time or another. You will learn your own way through all this .

    In the meantime sending good wishes xx

  • Croeso

    Do everything in 3's - children, cats, weeks in hospital .....

  • Haha... I hadn't noticed. Just the one husband though ;)

  • Just call him Husband no 1 - doesn't harm to be kept on your toes.

    I bet you don't live far from 3 sisters either .....

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