why doesnt the government acknowledge charities that cater for brain injuries

it seems to be that none of the political parties want to know about anyone with a brain injury, they seem to think of us as spongers who are a drain on the NHS. there maybe a few who are milking the system but i dont think are many. when will they realise that we dont want to be stuck in these second hand bodies that cannot do the full range of abilities that they can do, we just need a little understanding and help to cope with the day to day which was once so easy to get through but now is very hard work

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  • I dont know why they dont recognise brain injurys. I assume it is the same as other ignorant people, they cant see anything is wrong so assume wrongly that people are exaggerating.

  • Hi gymrat. I understand the frustrations, helplessness and misunderstandings that come with brain injuries but why do you think the politicians don't want to know about them any more or less than they do with any other disability? Much as we don't want to be 'stuck in these second hand bodies', we are, and I can't think of how a politician could give us 'a little understanding' in any real or practical sense. It would be great to hear your (and anyone else's) real world problems and any actual solutions that we can think of... then we have ammunition to take to those politicos!

  • hi bruised crab one of my biggest problems is you cant see it when i am writing on a blog , its my communications skill , i forget words or cant find them quick enough then the other person will try to give me the word which i then forget the topic we were discussing. this forum is great for me as i can take my time over my answers.

  • It's all part of a policy of the Poor and disabled must pay, whilst the rich play. I watched a programme last night on Hitler's dark charismatic genius. He absorbed the lessons of a propaganda course the German Army sent him on (just after World War One) and targeted unpopular groups as scapegoats (starting, lest we forget, with the holocaust of disabled people including many brain injury survivors).

    This Government is much more subtle (also the previous one), but many have the same underlying eugenic lies, backed up by the press (left and right, all to some extent, some of it subconsciously).

  • adw001

    That is quite some accusation! Do you have any actual evidence to back it up? I am badly disabled and I don't feel government applies 'the same underlying eugenic lies' at all. I don't like politicians, I don't trust politicians to do the right thing, but I also don't see any eugenics in the actions or policies of any of them in the UK.

  • an excellent question will lobby my mp now everyoneelse catered for perhaps brain injuries not newsworthy enough does headway have an answer

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