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Woman on the Edge .... how to make cherry scones

Woman on the Edge .... how to make cherry scones

on the second attempt to shop for ingredients remember to buy cherries!

use scales and make the dough, roll out and cut ... all going well so far.

put on baking sheet in oven... remove as the oven has not been turned on.

Turn on the oven and put scones in and set the timer;

So very proud of me and sit down with a coffee enjoying the moment.

lose timer and when it goes off realise you have forgotten why you set the timer in the first place sit looking at the timer trying to think why it was set .... then smell the burning from the kitchen. See pictures

it is a good job that my brain wont let me cry so all I can do is laugh ...

cooking is just such an adventure in the kitchen

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Love the scones. My recipe shared when i was still in hospital included all the usual ingredients and mustard, cherries, 4 and 20 blackbirds! Needless to say nobody made them for me !! Have fun with your cooking


Brilliant.....I feel so privileged to be part of such an elite bunch of people.....The humour among brain injury survivors is second to none......and understood in full by no other. Thanks for the Chuckle guys.


Oh Pixie2308 your photo and description have really made me smile. Whilst I don't wish burn't scones for you, I do feel a little relief that I'm not alone with such (regular) incidents.

Best wishes.


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