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exploding brain and survive hell still here

up to 2007 dec 2007 i led a fortunate life top level rugby in 80s 2 children great job good money new life in spain madly in love to intensive care and 16months in hospital noew doisabled on benefits at mercy of every scumbag trying to rip you off gave up my love alone and in constant pain totally dependent on other people to get about byut a wee prayere pays off take other day the love of my life to whom i was engaged in fact she saved my life i gave her freedom from an obligation to marry me i thought i would never see again phones to say she over to uk and would i put her up for a few days god am i excited to see here again thn today a row with my lazty carer who says i am to tall am 6ft 2 doesent stop the old ;lady at church 5ft getting me about

any simialr experiences or viewxs am in herne bay kent

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think you need to change your carer to be honest there are some horrid people out there who will try to rip you off however they can but there are some genuinely lovely people out there too, you must be so excited to be seeing your ex again even if only for a visit its you she choose to stay with i hope you have a lovely time catching up and god bless the lovely old lady at your church for helping you obviously one of the lovely people :) x


you are so right my issue is i am to trusting my dear mum rip hbrought me up to treat other as you wish t be treated yourself my caers are ok keep warning me to not trust now i don;t

but thank you neil


Neil, there are some inconsiderate people out there and nowadays I find it difficult to keep quiet if they upset me or someone else, but enjoy your time with you ex and hopefully life will seem a little better afterwards. take care x


thank you i intend to but 6 weeks away till then soldier on keeping warm and dry snow on way trapped indoors again


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