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Do you, or someone you know, experience problems with chewing or swallowing (dysphagia)? If so, can you help us with our new factsheet?

We are developing a new factsheet to help people deal with dysphagia - a common condition after brain injury. It explains what dysphagia is, how normal swallowing works, the signs and symptoms of dysphagia, diagnostic techniques, treatment options and some strategies to overcome the difficulties.

The factsheet is nearly finished, but we need people who have experienced the condition to read it for us, to make sure it is clearly presented and gives an accurate account of dysphagia.

If you'd like to help, please contact our Information Officer, Richard, on 0115 947 1915 or info.officer@headway.org.uk.

Alternatively, send us a private message here on HealthUnlocked.

Thank you.

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hi im a new member to this site i was wondering if im to late to ring you about swallowing problems not sure what your after .. i dont no what dysphiagia is .. lol but i do suffer from swallowing problem from time to time .. is it worth me ringing you up ? and helping with the survey


Hi there, i 'm also a new member with a swallow problem and would be willing to help .


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