New balance problems factsheets published

Dear all,

I am delighted to announce the publication of the following Headway factsheets:

•Balance problems and dizziness after brain injury: causes and treatment

•Balance problems and dizziness after brain injury: tips and coping strategies

•A guide to disability discrimination law

•A guide to Disabled Facilities Grants

•A guide to insurance policies after brain injury

You can download the factsheets at headway.org.uk/factsheets.a...

The two factsheets about balance problems were inspired by a Headway service user with balance problems who wanted to share the coping strategies he has developed over the years. The service user set up threads on HealthUnlocked for others to share their own tips and I adapted and incorporated a lot of material from the replies into the 'Tips and strategies' factsheet.

The information provided by HealthUnlocked users was great and allowed us to create what we hope will be a valuable resource. I have acknowledged and thanked everyone at the end of the factsheet.

A big thanks to everyone who helped.

Kind regards,

Richard Morris, Headway UK Publications and Research Manager.

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Thank you for making us aware of these new factsheets. I have downloaded the Balance ones as relevant to ongoing problems I experience.


Thank you Richard. The dizziness/balance section is of particular interest to me, so have downloaded.

Regards, Cat.


Many thanks to all who have contributed - I will be most interested to read this new material .


Thank you for a brilliant idea. Will get hubby to download and print them for me.

Will he great to have everything in one place.

Thanks again



Thanks for this. I have downloaded a few of them and will read through in due course.


Great thanks for letting us know. It would be good if Headway emailed their members when something new like this is added, it's very helpful.

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looks good, lot of the advise is the same as I got from the physo at the Community neuro rehabilitation team.

which had a dramatic difference, and you can self refer your self I went though my GP.


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