i had a subarachnoid haemorrhage on april 28th 2012

i had a subarachnoid haemorrhage on april 28th 2012

my boyfriend had just left for work and i was making a cup of tea when it happened, i knew instantly what was happening as 25yrs ago my mum had one and died, i managed to crawl downstairs and text my boyfriend to come home which he did in 5 mins luckily, was taken to hospital where i told dr what i suspected , i remember dr putting his hand on my knee and saying you are right you have had a bleed ! i was transfered to walton centre where i had surgery to fill another 3 aneurysms with coils so dont remember much from sunday till i woke up on the tuesday after. i couldnt quite believe what had happened (still cant) but after only 10 days in hospital i was released home to my boyfriends care with only a bag of pills and a leaflet ! i have never felt so totally terrified, worried,lost in my life my boyfreind took all his due holidays but had to return to work after a further 2 weeks and i was so scared you see i moved over here to live with him 4 yrs ago so had no family or even friends to help me so .... thank heavens i found headway wirral because i honestly feel they saved my life as i was so very low the 1st day i walked into the group sue was there who runs our group and 1 other lady called julie ( who is now my best friend ) they gave me a cuppa and a box of tissues i cried and cried then we talked and drank tea :) . i go every tuesday and thursday now have done a sponsored dragon boat race to help raise funds we do crafts and have days out , they are helping me to try claim dla as i cant work or claim any other benefits as my boyfreind works and is expected to keep me ! i am just starting to help out and do a little volunteer work with our group which i really enjoy, i have my bad days where the tears wont stop but thankfully more good days , i have no physical scars and can walk and talk but my brain is not the same and i forget things (like punctuation lol) i go for trains and wonder where they are when im at the bus station ! i forget to do things but IM ALIVE and fairly healthy i have a fantastic man who loves me and i have headway wirral who mean everything to me.

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  • Hi l also suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage 16th January 12, I have just returned back to work on a part time basis when I get home I am really ttired and often go to bed for an hour and listen to the radio. Its away of relaxing that works for me. I also found help from my local Headway group as a volunteer I enjoyed going each Friday and gained confidence and was even able to laugh after a while.When I first came out of hospital I could not write my name, some days I would fall over but over the months I have improved greatly now, I have no physical scars, but some days I am moody which annoyes me and I also forget things I have to make lists which helps. I have read many books on the subject, one in particular was a great inspiration Rebooting my Brain by Maria Ross. I have my first appointment with my consultant tomorrow so I am going to have a early night....

  • hi thanks for ur comment , im so pleased you have managed to go back to work but it must be so hard i still have days when i really cant do anything much at all but they are not too often now , i have 3 appointments coming up one to see a specialist about the after effects i gained almost 3 stone within 6 weeks after also few hormonal effects so he is going to try help me with that, also need another mri scan then follow up with surgeon, i feel so lucky to be alive but still have very weepy times now and again which seem to come from nowhere but hey they say it will all sort itself out in time.

    i hope to go back to working again when i feel a little more myself, i make lists then forget where i put them lol nice to speak to other sufferers though makes me feel a little more normal ! headway is my lifesaver i do a little volunteering when i feel up to it i have met many really good friends through them and dont feel so alone anymore really look forwards to tues and thursdays when our group meet,good luck for tomorrow hope all goes well enjoy your early night hope to chat again sometime,

    best wishes Tracy x

  • Hi I had a suberachnoid heamorage n blacked out whilst driving home on the motorway coming home from work. I knew nothing about it for five days I was airlifted to hospital and my family told I might not make the night. I was in hospital almost three weeks and am making a good recovery albeit slow. I'm still really tired and have strange pains in my head and my right front thigh which feels numb too and waiting for an appointment to see the neurologist to see if he can help. I had a coil fitted in my head but still worried it might happen again and worried to go out alone. How do you get in touch with Wirral to help me?

  • I feel very lucky. L was on the phone to a friend and knew right away something was not right.called 999. Was in hospital for 8 days. Back home. Tired and feel tearful and frightened. As l live on my own. And away from family. But feel lucky as it could have been worse. This was two weeks ago.

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