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Eye opening?

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Since my sister is in ltach the head nurse and now a nurse on the floor she was moved to todsy told me she had her eyes open. The head nurse told me that during the week. I never heard that from the other hospital. Is this strange? She has always had problems with the light bothering her eyes and i imagine that 4 months of hospital bright lights ain't helping. Anyone have this experience? Meanwhile dr. Says no response.

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The doctor probably means no response due to the fact that eye opening, and random movements is considered part of the vegetative state. Even in that state, she can open her eyes, she can shut them, she can move around. I hope they are treating her well, make sure to take care of yourself as well.

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Yes, i understand. Now they have to call it disorder of consciousness or covertly conscious. No more vegetative state. My point though is that they always focus on the fact that she doesn't open her eyes. She did the blinking when i said blink once she did, then when i said blink twice she did. I wish they had her in neuro rehab, she desperately needs it.

Hi Ang,

I was just about to reply to you from yesterday but then saw your post. My mum apparently didn’t open her eyes at all initially when she was in ICU and now she has her eyes open nearly all the time, I would say this is a good thing❤️

My mum always hated bright lights way before her hypoxic injury. when I would visit at night in the hospital and turn the ‘big’ light off and switch to a softer light she would always open her eyes. Sensitivity to lights is quite normal with a brain injury a nurse advised.

How do you think they are treating your sister in the new place? Much better I hope xxx

That is interesting that brain injured ppl are sensitive to light. She had to wear shades inside the house before this happened. I had them turn the light off above her bed. I saw her today for 2o minutes, first time in about 10 days. When i walked into the room she was covered in vomit. And they had put a towel on her. Not a good first impression. Her body temp was low and she already tested positive for a uti but are testing it again, they should have started antibiotics 2 days ago. They are short staffed to say the least. But, the staff are very nice and doing the best they can it seems. Drove 3 hours there and 3 back and 3 of us got 20 minutes each. The police woman treated us badly and was yelling and shouting orders for no reason when we tried to get a pass, this wasted so much time.

But, i played the wake up music for her, then made her sniff frankensese oil then rosemary oil. I did range of motion with her because she was stiff. She became aware, blinked on command, moved her head away when i was cleaning her eyes, and smiled at my brother. But, let the drs tell us she is a vegetable. Ok then! I know what i saw.

I am glad your moms eyes are opened. Since my sister doesn't open hers they think she won't recover. I was glad to see her. I wish she would open her eyes. All the best to you and i pray for all of here daily. Xo

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Hi Angech , I feel your frustration my wife worked in these facilities for a number of years. Some of the Drs. Make you feel like your seeing or hoping for things . Your post makes me feel like your open to natural treatments. Please go to Braincare.com and read about dr. Michael Lewis work with Omega3 for brain injury I hope this helps . It helped me with my Tbi .

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Hello! Sorry about your tbi. I hope you continue to heal. I will definitely look into Lewis. Thank you fir suggestion. I am a believer in omega 3. Be well!

I'm really not sure Ange. But I can remember constantly being in trouble as soon as I could walk for switching off the main lights. Is it possible though that your sister has developed a tolerance and is experimenting with eye opening ?

Wish I knew more on the subject m'love... Love to you both. x

You are so funny! I can picture you turning off the lights. Now she lays in front of a big sunny window too. 4 months and hair washing, are they supposed to wash her hair? Xo hugs!

Hi, not sure what happened to your sister but sometimes when you have a head injury, bright light can hurt the brain, I myself am epileptic and bright light does hurt.

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Hello! Sorry! My dad was too. I hope they have it under control for you. So much we all go through. Be well!

I understand. I know this must be tough. Hang in there, I spent the better part of the last three months wishing we had given my mom more time. That is commendable that you drive so far, and I am sorry you only get so little time with her each.

I am so sorry. What was your mom's condition? Seeing my sister suffer so much and the lack of concern coming from all drs. Like they can't be bothered is making me ill. I had to have her transferred from the ltach hospital this morning because her pressure dropped to 87/55 and they couldn't handle it and didn't think it was a problem. No hypothermic blankets, no pressure monitor where they can monitor her and i had to tell them she was going into septic shock and get her to a real hospital. She had an infection fir 3 days ago and i kept telling the dr. And he said he didn't see it in the charts. What good is an ltach if they don't have access to vip equipment? I am wondering if all anoxic patients have constant infections.

Oh Ange I’m so sorry to hear this!! Just so terrible for your poor sister and you, heartbreaking! How is she doing now?x

Hello Laura. She is in icu but not critical they say. But who knows at this point in time. When i got there her pressure was 88/64, after my visit for 3 hours it was 110/68. Shows how much our families need us to be present. How is your mom? You are in my prayers.

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