eyes blurry,an no control of body

I been feeling like my eyes become blurry,like double vision.,then my body wont move .Like im far away but there in another's body,as cant move .When I try it don't work,then I get to were I cant try im fighting like a strong force I know when it overcomes me, given in I collapse ,does anyone know what this can be scaring me living alone too

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  • You need to see a doctor immediately. If you can't get an appointment go to A & E. It could be absolutely nothing but as you live alone you really need to get checked over.

    Good luck.

  • thanks been happening for days I have had bleeds to my brain too an injuries,just seems to pass,then I tremble,i ts nothing to do with epilepsy as gp;now decided there goner see damage done when assaulted,at last,only took 4 years I get life sentence he's out isn't life stupid

  • I seem to remember in your first post that you mentioned epilepsy. Could be related to that but you do need to get yourself checked ASAP.

  • Hi J, how are you doing now? did you get yourself checked over?

    Best wishes


  • yes I did but as usual weekends our not your gp;so uno im chasing it up now with my own GP thanks

  • It could be one of many things and I think you need to tell your doctor about it asap. Meanwhile have you got someone who can come and stay with you?

  • no not unless money is involved you know sad but true

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