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Hi. I'm looking for a smartwatch which could be used as an "I need help" buzzer. My husband has a problem with his speech. His main issue aside from forming words correctly and pacing so that it doesn't sound a jumble, is VOLUME. I wondered whether there is a smartwatch with a "phone me" or "buzz me" option. So that I could either have another smartwatch yormy phone on me to knowhen he needs an assist.

We have the option for a community alarm as we I think, but I want to be able to know if he needs me when he's upstairs in the bedroom and I'm maybe down in the kitchen for when he is discharged.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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Not used it, but “My SOS Family” app for iphone, Apple Watch etc may do what you want? Works with Siri, Alexa and other AI systems too.

Trouble is whilst the trial is free, it is £34 pa for a subscription (plus the cost of your phone / watch and the charges for those too). But I am sure anything similar will cost too.

Let us know if you download and ind it useful?

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Thanks Shreds. I've had a look and this seems a good option. I'll contact them and maybe ask whether there is the option to use this in conjunction with a smart watch. We could use the Alexas in the house with it as well.

My wife has an iWatch which is very, very good.

Not only can it be used as a walki talkie - you talk into the watch but it also has the sos functions. Which can be set to call emergency services but also notify specific numbers. All included in the phone.

The other good thing is that it has a fall alert. It will sense if they topple over and hit the floor.

The other things that she finds useful, is the heart monitor and blood oxygen.

And do they work - yes. One night I was awoken by some saying "which service you need ?" The watch had detected an issue with my wife and because she hadn't responded called the emergency services.

The other thing is the find "my watch/phone" function. Which we use for a different purpose. If my wife wanders off or we get seperated. It can guide me back to her.

To make it more user friendly you can remove the apps that aren't going to be used and customise the watch face and icons on show and enlarge the text.

The interesting for me is the change in perception in my wife. At first she hated it as she thought this thing was checking up on her and running her life. Now she can't live without out and panics when she has to take it off to charge.

The only draw back isn't so much the price but to get the best out of it you need an apple phone as well.

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My mother in law had to get one for the ECG function. But yes the downside is that you need an iphone. I'm not too sure how he would do with one now that he is just getting used to using his Android. But definitely an option if our has all the features we're after. Thanks!!

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sospan in reply to ored13

I have one of the Alivecor Kardia mobile which is also quite good for assessing cardiac problems. The Kardia model is approved by the NHS and some of the heart charities whom offer a discount.

I believe the Samsung Galaxy watch has a Walkie Talkie function and there are apps that talk between Apple and Android.

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Oh. Ok I couldn't figure whether this would be an issue or not. I'm not 100% we need to heart monitor. So I'll have a shop around and maybe also look at the Samsung.🙂

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sospan in reply to ored13

The kardia was more for the Mum in law. What we have found is that the NHS nurses are quite happy to use the Kardia readings but not so much the Apple ones.

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Ah I see. I'll have a sketch about online and see what comes up. My son has a Huawei band which is slim and not annoying. I'll have to dig about as both myself and my husband have Huawei phones as would make for an easy switch.

Hi orid, I know that there are alarms made by Motorola, I can't think of other manufacturers, but when these are purchased there is no on costs. We used them on the wards.

But you can buy relatively cheap walky talkies that are light weight, Argos has a few. Again no on costs. These can be held on a belt clip, or in a pocket. It depends on the range you need, and the exact purpose you want.

Most mobile phones can be programmed to call a specific emergency number, I saw recently that there is an app, it is intended for for people that maybe walking alone that feel they are at risk. It's called Hollie App, when active you just have to shake the phone and it sends a location and calls a number, it does also sound an alarm, which I'm not sure you could disable. Obviously phone's have on costs.

Or you could go low tech a hand bell, or a plug in door bell, just because it is intended for a door, there is no reason that the push button couldn't be attached to a lanyard. Also baby monitors could be used.

If it is just for in and around the house, you don't need to pay out for gadgets that cost a fortune, and maybe too complicated.

I got my husband a Samsung watch with SOS, andriod phone three presses and pings to my mobile with location.

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Oh! Which model is that N_B??

The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 (I think)

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