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Is it possible to get industrial disablement benefit if I have post concussion syndrome as a result of an accident at work?

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I have Post Concussion Syndrome as a result of a fall head first from a ladder with fractures to the eye socket and face and a suspected subarachnoid haematoma or distended vein. The key symptoms are headaches, migraine, nausea, dizziness/vertigo, fatigue and pins and needles on head. It has meant I had to give up my job as gardener as I often feel sick and dizzy and have severe headaches/migraines. Has anyone in here applied for Industrial Injuries Benefit in similar circumstances and do you think it is worth me applying. I am trying to work out a job I can do sustainably but am struggling so far! Thank you.

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Hi. Perhaps try the Headway helpline? Their number is 0808 800 2244. I think if they don't know, they could probably tell you who else might be able to help. Best of luck with it. 🙂🌸

Thanks Marnie. I will give Headway a call. Also interested to hear of other people’s experiences.

HiI’m sorry to hear about your accident. You may also want to consider the nature of the fall and measures your employer had in place to ensure safe working etc

Also if you google this, you will find some helpful info. Good luck

Thank you. I have decided I probably can’t easily deal with the stress involved in any compensation claim so I’ve ruled that out.

I totally get that - I didn’t either. Trying to function is hard enough! Take care and hope all goes well. There are some great websites out there for support with benefits. Perhaps look into new style ESA and PIP benefits? Have a good Sunday 🌼

Thank you. Enjoy your Sunday too.

I looked in to it a long time ago but found I wasn't eligible because I was not employed directly by the company where I had the injuries.

If I recall correctly you can get the IIB and PIP but if you get the IIB any amount of Universal Credit (or old style ESA) gets reduced accordingly.

The whole working after a head injury is a nightmare. After mine I hunted around for about 2 years to find a job. I could reliably do and then came to the conclusion that it had to be back to self employed and work for myself.

One of the places, I did go to was the Careers Service. They have a job finder computer program. I put my details in, capabilities and interests and it came up with two roles that allegedly were a good fit for me - Ceramic tile designer and Fireman. The ceramic tile designer completely stumped me as firstly there is no tile industry near me and I only have experience of laying tiles not making them. The fireman role was the one that made me laugh. Atf 52 at the time, with a head injury, balance and mobility problems as well as the usual cognitive issues, so not the safest option and no way could I pass the medical!

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Thanks sospan. I am applying at last though very late for new style ESA and don’t think I am bad enough for PIP. Helpful to know they reduce accordingly. My worry is I hopefully I will get the new contributions based ESA but that stops in a year. I’m going to contact Headway to see what they advise. I laughed when you said about the tile designer and fireman. I did the current job AI thing with the Gov website and got Boxer! Not sure I’m up there with Ali just yet!

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Couldn't make it up - got a head injury so try boxing !

The issue I saw was, would I employ myself? The honest answer is no, because I would be too much of a risk and wouldn't be reliable / dependable, If there was two people required for a job, could I guarantee to be fit and capable and not endanger the other person.

I decided to do my own thing, so if I need a break, I can stop or take a day off. Plus, if I make a mistake it is my cost and doesn't impact anyone else. The problem is finding the things to do that are economically viable and in the post covid world even harder.

The Welsh Government recently ran a scheme offering funding for people (graduates, disabled, long term unemployed and housewives) to start up business and become independent. Apparently only a handful of applicants were successful because the remainder were impractical or not economically viable

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You are right about would you employ yourself being a helpful test. My problem is a get so sick feeling and dizzy after just a little while if activity. I can have better days but I seem to quickly get back to square one within the day. I keep hoping I will miraculously suddenly get better of course. I’m considering part time journalism rather than gardening but even that is hard going let alone making it profitable. Being mad as a hatter I’ve arranged to see someone about growing veg on a plot of land but I suspect the reality is I will find it way too much and again the viability will be questionable. I gave little resources to invest after almost two years since my accident. I just want to look at all options 😀. What did you settle on if you don’t mind me asking? Was the business support scheme via business Wales?

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Yes, it was their "Barriers scheme"

About three years after my injury, I managed to get some funds together and built my work shop. That was the test project for not only by cognitive skills but also the strength and fatigue. Being 5m up on a sloping roof, fixing metal sheets down is an interesting experience. Oddly I could balance better on the roof and on a ladder than on the ground. Maybe because on a ladder things are closer.

So once I had a space to work, it was mainly wood work and gardening. I started making wood paneling, kitchen units, cupboards, toys etc. Then got some more money together and bought a few cottages to renovate and were also making and selling all sorts of things like soap, bath bombs, candles and the items I had made . This was going really well until in April 2019, when my wife and I were the innocent victims of a road rage incident and got some more life changing injuries.

So all that has been on hold, while we again go through our own rehab. It is unlikely I will be able to return to the construction/ refurbishment side but restarting the other business making and selling craft items.

The problem you will find is selling the fruit and vegetables. Like us we had a huge learning curve will all the rules and regulations. Having a stall at a farmers markets is cheap enough (£15) but it is having the stall equipment, public and product insurance and completing the multi page risk assessments then dealing with trading standards over weights, packaging, descriptions etc. Plus you will find that schools, old peoples homes and any public body aren't allowed to buy from small businesses.

I had an allotment and all the gardens in the cottages of the properties I had which would have amounted to 2 acres and I couldn't see how to make it pay. Even considered pigs and chickens but even then it wasn't worth the cost and effort for the return.

There was a nice opportunity for green woodworking skills which may have been ideal for you but if you look at the number of people whom "do it" they have destroyed the market by pushing inferior and over priced items .

Hi, are you a member of a union, if so they normally take on personal injuries cases.

These can take years to resolve, and often it is difficult to prove that you had followed policies and procedures to the letter, although not impossible.

You would need to demonstrate that the policies and procedures were not fit for purpose, or that a senior person had given you the wrong information to be aware of the correct practice.

It is worth chasing, especially if you are unlikely to be able to work again.

Unfortunately not a member of a union. Worked on a private estate. I do feel the owner treated me well whilst I was in work and feel I was partly perhaps to blame. It was the usual thing of understaffing and not easy to get help when you need it so consequently working at height on my own. And a job I’d done for several years with no mishaps. Not sure sufficiently detailed risk assessments were in place but again that’s partly down to me. I am my own worst enemy for wanting to get the job done!

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