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Post Concussion Symdrome

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I substained a mild head injury late May of this year. I took 2 weeks off work as I substained concussion. Then I tried going back but doing only half days well come the fifth day I just could not tolorate the headaches so I have had to go back on the sick and is still on the sick waiting to see a Neurologist. As at present i struggle with trying to remembers things, headaches and numbness sensation in my head, I cannot tolorate florescent lighting, crowded environments e.g. going to the shops as my headaches get worse, i start feeling sick and on occassions been physically sick, feeling giddy cannot be doing with more than one person talking at the same time, i feel irratable, angry frustrated upset and this is not me some nights i cannot sleep I feel like a prisoner in my own home. I still keep trying to go out but i end up back in bed, trying to do house hold chores I am getting frustrated as I have to keep resting. Does anyone have any advice not sure if i substained any whip lash as I have had a few twingesin the neck.

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Can I ask you Lizzy what sort of investigations did you have at the time of your injury ?

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I had one scan but my gp is requesting another urgently, I am getting numbness at the front of my head. I find it difficult to think. I am trying not to worry.

Hi Lizzy

I also have post concussion symdrome.. I fell and hit the back of my head on the 4th March, I had 2 weeks off work and tried to go back to work like you and ended up having another 3 weeks off and tried again for 3 weeks but could only manage a few hours a day! I then took a further 3 weeks off and I'm now back at work, this is my fourth week back full time and I have been working from home 2 days a week and 3 days a week in the office.. some days have been good but today I'm not so good. I think this is the way it's going to be for a while, my doctor said I could have symptom's for up to 6 months to 12 months.

The good thing is that I'm much better then I was a month ago so it looks like I'm on my way to recovery!

The only thing you can do is rest, eat well and go for long walks.

Also Headway have loads of fact sheets and booklets to help you understand what you are going through.

I wish you well..



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Thanks Louise its good to hear that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Wishing you all the best. At the moment i cannot stand alot of noise so I tend to stay in my front of my head has gone numb did you ever get that feeling? my gp is sending me for another urgent scan. I bashed the top of my head trying to lift a heavy parcel up the stairs. The box got caught on the stair carpet so I grabbed hold of it and gave a really good yank upwards and smacked my head on the corner of the ceiling where the banister rail is it was so hard i was dazed thinking it was only a few minutes had passed but several hours had gone by and i cannt remeber how i got to my bedroom. I tried part time hours at my work place but my head wasn't having it the head aches would increase and i was physically sick its coming up to 7 weeks already.

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Hi Lizzy my head gets fuzzy and I get some tingling around my face but it's not numb and i wasn't sick either .. I was suffering from dizziness, headaches, anxiety, I didn't like loud noises, bright lights and can not handle any stress! I felt wobbly all the time and I suffer from tinnitus and get very tired ..

I've had a CT scan and it was clear, I've been to see the neurologists and he checked me out and just said it will take time 6 to 12 months for me to recover.

The only symptom I get now is the tinnitus, headaches and if I really over do it I still get that wobbly feeling and oh yes I still get tired but not as bad as I used to..

My memory is not as good as it used to be either, but I'm finding new things all the time!

I hope you recover soon x

Hi :) welcome. Sounds very much like symptoms frequently mentioned here on the forum. How did you acquire your head injury? And is your job computer/desk based? I'm still struggling with the ligt from screens many months on form my accident - hope to return to work soon but it's a long slow recovery process. Your symtoms sound vey much like post concussive. Wishing you good luck with your recovery :)

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Hi Elenor, my injury occured trying to lift a heavy parcel up the stairs. One of the staples got caught up in the stair carpet, so i yanked so hard I bashed my head on the ceiling where the bannister rail is and dazed myself. I thought only a few mintues had passed ut it was a few hours. Yes I work normally 8 hrs a day on computer/desk based job. I tried doing 4hrs and had to go back on the sick my headaches increased i was being sick when i got home. I now have numbness at the front of the head my gp is refering me for another urgent scan. You are so right the process is a slow one but i am concerned that i am getting worse instead of better I do try to rest the brain after each chore as it helps a bit with the headaches there are several days whereby i am so sick i struggle getting up out of bed. Cannot stand multiple conversations, or florescent lights and on occassions i get slight dizzy spells. You mention that you still struggle with the light from computer screens have you had a word with an optician to see if there is a lense that they could make up for you or is it that you needed more brain rest? All the very best

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Goodness - it's so easily done. You've done well to come this far but you don't sound well at all. I do hope they scan you and check for further damage. I've had all manner of investigations including opticians but they can't decide what's causing the bright lights I'm seeing / problems with lighting / visual perception / pain in certain lighting conditions. It seems to be 'sensory' - caused by the frontal lobe injuy. I keep being offered pills which I don't want to take - I'm hoping to get back to work soon but suffer with many of the issues you've mentioned. There's a great deal of fatigue involved and I don't want to return to work and find myslef dismissed for doing something stupid. One tip which I picked up from another forum member is using ear plugs - they're a god send. I imagine I'll be needing some for going back tonthe office environment. :) Do persist until you get a firm diagnosis - you need proper recovery time if you have a brain injury xx


I am in a similar situation, the only difference being that my GP wouldn't consider that I might have post concussion syndrome.

From my experience and what you've said about your neck it certainly sounds like you might have whiplash. I was told by a doctor and a physio that muscle tension and neck pain from whiplash can exacerbate headaches.

As Louise has already said, Headway produce some brilliant booklets on concussion. If you contact them via the helpline they can send some (I think it's up to 4) free if you've had a head injury.

Good luck with the recovery.


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Lizzy2612 in reply to ClareO1986

Thanks Clare would be helpful to get a better understanding I will try and get some booklets. Sorry to hear your GP is not considering the possibilities that knowing your symtoms are very similiar that he has ruled out Post Concussion Syndome. If you are suffering like several of us are with very similiar symtoms then I would recommend that you get a second opinion. I am here if you ever need someone to talk too as it is not nice going through what you are going through and feel no one is listening especially your GP. All the best Lizzy

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Thanks Lizzy.

I love that everyone on the forum is out to help each other.

I forget the doctors words but he pretty much was denying that post concussion syndrome existed, despite me being told earlier in the same week by someone on the Headway helpline that is most definitely did. The booklet they have on the subject is most informative. If you can get a copy I would definitely recommend reading it.

I had a neurology appointment for in a couple of months time but have managed to get a cancellation for next week. Hopefully I will start to get some sensible answers!

Likewise, if you need a chat then please don't hesitate.

Best of luck and wishes.


Hi lizzy,


Please read the post left by the headway administrator. You will be directed to online booklets and you should find answers, help, hints and advice 😃

I was involved in a RTA in February this year! As a result I have suffered very similar symptoms! I would recommend seeing an optometrist (not just an optician). As I have recently discovered that most of these symptoms were caused by stretching of the muscles surrounding my eyes!

However I was also diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. This causes the giddy feeling and the memory issues for me! My seizures normally feel like I am tipsy looking through a glittery thick pain of glass, or I have a staring spell known as an absence. But I'm sure you neurologist would pick that up if it is applicable. The frustration is definitely difficult to overcome as only gets worse as you 'improve'.

Feel free to ask me anything!

Kindest regards Alice x

I was walking into a shop and the door shutters came down on my head. I was very disorientated but drove home thinking I would be ok. Went to work the next day but wasn't ok and went to walk in centre. Had one day off and slept nearly all day then went back to work. Not good so went to a&e and had a ct scan. Showed no lasting damage. Have had 3 weeks off work now and feel better but am really tired and sleep a lot and can't remember things or concentrate well. I want to go back to work in accounts but need to be able to concentrate and be awake and remember what you are told. Want to know how long I will be like this

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