After my TBI DEC 6th 2014 I am just about dealing with all the complication relating to a head injury when on Tuesday at my mothers funeral my brothers girl friend decided she did not like to and assaulted me. I did not know this person or had not spoken to her. She pulled me around so violently that I spun around and she pushed me so I fell backwards banging my head. We called the police and guess what friends, the police up North took no action they said she was emotional and drunk and they refused to go inside the pub to speak with the people who saw what happened as it was a wake. I have suffered headaches and am rather flat in heart. Just to say, I might not say a lot but I do read and say prayers for you all. So if you are up North and get assaulted do not bother calling the police as they will not do nothing to help you. All I asked for was an apology which was refused. So to the police up in Newcastle 👎

Sorry I hope you do not mind

but I needed to speak out. Love Liz xx🌹👍

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  • Liz

    What a terrifying experience for you.

    First things first need to take care of yourself and get these headaches checked out.

    Go to your GP or urgent care and remind them that you have a brain injury and these headaches are new since being pushed and falling backwards .

    You could ring the Headway helpline and talk to them you never know they may be able to give you some ideas how to cope with this as I guess your family are out of the question .

    Hope you recover from this major shock soon.

    Sorry meant to say there's no need to apologise. That's what we're here for.

    Love n hugs


  • Thank you so much it was such a shock but I will make an appointment to see my doctor thanks Liz xx🌹

  • What an awful person - but just remember it is she who has the problem, not you. She had no right to do this, especially at your mother's funeral. I am afraid it's not just the police in the North - here in the south we don't actually have a proper police force, just groups of officers riding around in cars all day. No hope of any action from them unless it's really serious.

    Look after yourself and put this incident behind you. Don't give her the satisfaction of letting it impact on you too much.

  • Hi Liz, definitely go to your doctor asap! 2 mths after my BI I fell backwards on a ceramic floor and 6 months later was involved in a car accident when airbag exploded straight into my face/forehead. Neither of these last 2 caused physical injury but it's only in the following months manŷ of the neural effects kicked in.

    Hopefully your Dr will ask for a brain scan, just make sure there are no other internal effects showing up on your brain. Best to be safe than sorry. Don't delay, phone Doc today!

  • What an awful thing to happen. Police rarely get involved in these matters unless the situation is so serious they are left with no choice but to act... family dynamics are often complicated and funerals and alcohol are rarely a good mix ...

    That doesn't lessen your trauma and it sounds like the girl has some issues of her own to deal with, but your priority should probably be get yourself checked by a doc to make sure things are okay after banging your head.

  • Thank you so much for your reply.

    Love Liz xx

  • Hi Liz.

    I'm so very sorry for you - typical "police"

    Don't worry about speaking out that's what we are here for.

    Please please let me know if I can offer you some help & support.


  • Thank you Steve, how can our police force even after telling them I am disabled and telling them about my brain injury do nothing to help me. I am sorry but I have no respect for the police of the North. Maybe if I spoke Geordie then they would have had more sympathy, I was born up North and I am very proud of my heritage but I am very disappointed at their attitude.

    Do we need to go around with a sign around our necks saying I am disabled and have a brain injury.

    Thank you for your kind words Love Liz xx🌹

  • Hi Liz.

    No probs anytime.

    The police force like the rest off the country is gone to the "dogs"

    Don't be sorry that's what I'm here for !!!!

    Yes when I had my Stroke in 1998 I had/still have the same problems.

    I did consider having a tattoo on my forehead saying "STROKE"

    But knowing my luck everyone would stop me & "Rub my Head"

    Please let me know if I can help you further ???


  • Hi Steve had a TBI and a small stroke. I even has my blue badge in the car and they still did not react Many Many Thanks Liz 🌹

  • Hi Liz.

    Yes I had my Brain Heammorhage & Stroke in 1998 in Spain.

    My little "Devil" in my head has blighted me ever since !!!!

    The Stroke effected my left side.

    The following Brain Surgery's have given me "Chronic Pain" down my right side.

    So I no longer have a "Good Side"

    Please let me know if I can help you further ???


  • Hi Steve,

    I had a very bad accident 6th December 2014 TBI concussion and small stroke.

    Are you getting any help? Headway was my saving grace as the wonderful people helped and understood how I was feeling.

    Please take Great Care and a big thank you for caring.

    Liz 🌹

  • Hi Liz.

    No probs.

    Yes like you Headway was there for me.

    On leaving hospital after my Stroke I was left "high & dry"

    I had no Svs & no help.

    Headway were fantastic in the first place.

    I left hospital looking like the old Steve but in side I was "broken to peices"

    Everyone treated me like before & I was expected to "get up & go"

    But as we all know this is very hard in the "first place"

    People (Spanish & English) though I was drunk as I would stager from "side to side"

    I'm very sorry to go on & on.


  • I presume there were witnesses Liz ? I'd have to pursue the matter if it were me ; can't turn a blind eye to unprovoked violence.

    Depending on witnesses, I'd be taking out a private summons and facing this woman in the county court. x

  • Hi Cat,

    Yes there was but the police refused to go inside the reception because it was a wake. They said it was their policy I have spoken to our solicitor and I am seriously thinking of doing that.

    I am also writing to the police to complain. Surely nobody has the right to assault you and get away with it just because she was drunk. A big thank you so much for your kindness and positive feed back it has helped me so much in sharing what has happened to me

    Love Liz x🌹

  • It looks like the police have written off the incident as 'A Domestic', which is shameful as they have a duty to investigate any assault.

    And regards their reluctance to enter the premises owing to the nature of the occasion, would they have been so sloppy if there'd been a murder................ could easily have been the outcome where head injury is involved !

    Makes me so angry. I'm glad you're pursuing the matter ; hopefully it'll make this person think twice about randomly lashing out in future. Good luck Liz, and I hope you'll get yourself checked out in the meantime. xx

  • PS.......Liz, I can't believe I haven't offered commiserations on the death of your mum ; so sorry about your loss m'dear. xx.

  • Liz bless you what a horrid bint. I live in Newcastle and the police have upset me once. I think it's cut backs . They don't want the work. My daughters dad is a bouncer up in Newcastle were was it. R u ok , well ok ish xx

  • Liz this Friday I have organised a trip to beach for everyone. We going to st Mary's lighthouse. Why don't you come. Be able to talk to other understanding people who have suffered a bi. Your more than welcome to come. I got the price down to £3 and bring a picnic. Come xx

  • Hi Candy,

    I began sending you a reply when my server went down. Thank you for your kind words and invitation We were visiting the North for my mums funeral as I was born in Wallsend and both my parents are now buried in Holy Cross.

    We are having our grandchildren stay with us very soon and we are sure they will be keeping us busy. Again many thanks for your invitation and kind words. I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped me in sharing what took place. It's seems like I have a very kind and understanding new family in Headways who understand how I feel. Good days, bad days there is always somebody ready to listen and somebody worse of than myself.God Bless love Liz xx🌹

  • Hi Liz, I can only reiterate what others have said get the headaches checked out and I hope your ok. Nick x

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