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Skull dents


Hi, I'm new to this forum and found it using the above earch terms, as over the past year or so I have developed dents in the front and a couple more have developed recently.

They look like shallow depressions of 1-2 mm and 1-2 cm in diameter.

They are not painful, I can press or tap them without any result and I have no other symptoms.

I walk my dogs amongst trees every day and occasionally I have bumped my head on a branch sometiimes quite badly. Could this result skull dents some after the injury.

Any information or suggestions gratefully received

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Dear Macscot,

I'm not, too sure, exactly 'what' you are describing but.... I think you have this Professionally 'Looked At'. I don't like, the 'sound', of these Dents That You Can Poke, one bit. Can I ask, exactly how, you can 'Bump You head, On Tree, severely enough to cause 'Dents'? Are you literally Running Into Them?

You asked for My (our) advice, so here it is..... Get an appointment As Soon As Possible, Covid notwithstanding, and DON'T run into any more Trees. Can I also suggest, without appearing Patronising/ Funny/ Nagging that you are MUCH more careful with your HEAD!

Sorry but you DID ask.


Macscot in reply to AndrewT

Hi Andrew TI understand your curiosity about how I bumped my head several times over the last few years. My 2 rescue dogs have been bred to sniff out rabbits and can get very excited when thay catch a scent. For 6 months of the year it is illegal due to local hunting laws to allow dogs off their lead. Occasionally they will scent a rabbit under a tree and pull me suddenly towards it and cause me to bump my head on a low branch. This has only happened a dozen or so times over 2 years. Sorry for this longwinded explanation. I did not go to the doctor after these bumps as there seemed to be no long term problem. I am much more careful now!!!

I should have said that I have been to the my GP recently and he has referred me for scans.

What I wonder is whether these bumps could cause the dents weeks or months after the event.

Thank you for your reply.

AndrewT in reply to Macscot

Dear Macscot,

Have you access to a builder's Hard Hat, or similar? (even if you have to 'borrow' your sister's Riding Hat!) Anything, to protect, your 'Bonce' a bit.

Maybe try some 'Obedients' Classes, for Fido & Bonzo, so they don't Run Off so quickly. Difficult, I Know, I used to have a Collie....... Either way, I hope, that you are OK my friend.


Macscot in reply to AndrewT

Hi Andrew T,I usually wear a baseball cap which contributes to the problem as the peak prevents me seeing a branch immediately in front and above me at close range. So your advice to wear a hard hard hat is excellent and I have thought of it but never got round to it. As you have prompted me I will look in to it.

As for the dogs, they are generally very well behaved but go barking mad when they smell a rabbit

😀😀Very difficult to train them out of a basic instinct. Luckily it only happens with rabbits. Hare, partridge, pheasant, deer , they can hardly be bothered to lift their heads.

So thank you for your excellent advice.

By the way, I feel I am bit of a fraud on the site because there are so many here with serious trauma and pain. To all , I send my best for full recovery.

AndrewT in reply to Macscot

Dear Macscot,

You are NOT a 'Fraud'- that is like the Lady Who Called The Fire Brigade, because she smelled Smoke, only to find it was a Bonfire.... she DID the Right 'Thing'. You have too, my friend, and WE definitely don't 'Mind' at all. It's what we are 'Here for', after all.

Please DO contact us, any time, Macscot.


Macscot in reply to AndrewT

Thank you for this. I will let you what develops.

Hi Macscotn - as Andrew says, do get yourself to your doctor's and get checked out sooner rather than later. I don't know what it is causing your dents, but best not to ignore them. Let us know how you get on 🌸

Hi Painting-girl

As you can see in my reply to AndrewT, I have gone to my doctor to have them checked. I should have said this in my original post.

MAny thanks for your reply . i shall keep you updated.

Glad you are getting a scan Macscot - and it's fine to be on here. I haven't had a dramatic and serious brain injury like so many here either. But I have ended up ( with this lovely group of people) with chronic fatigue and memory and organisational problems - from just the one concussion too many - so definitely agree with Andrew's advice to avoid bashing your head!

Jen 🌸

Hi Jen

Interesting reply , thank you. So far I haven't had any obvious symptoms, mainly because I've had memory and organisational problems of a mild kind for a long time due to medication for another problem. I am anxios to see what investigations shoe.


Hi J - yes, waiting for tests and results is worrying - hope you're alright. Sorry to hear you have other issues also.

By the way with the last concussion, which was a couple of years ago, I had a whole raft of very obvious acute problems straightaway. Things have just eased off considerably to where I am now. The 'story' is on my profile page.

Keep us updated on here anyway?

J 🌸

Hi Jen

First let me apologise for typos in my post. I can't even organise myself to to proof read what I write.


I am pleased to hear things have improved for you. I hope the improvement continues.

I'll keep you posted.


Know what you mean about typos - it takes me ages to write on here, and even then I see typos afterwards! 🌸

Hi Macscot and welcome. You're right to seek advice about this as there are various conditions which cause dents in the skull, some serious and others not so, and you'll do well to get checked out. Whatever the issue, it can be dealt with.

Phone your GP and explain the indentations ; he/she will probably refer you for a scan or to a neurology specialist.

Good luck and I hope it's a minor issue ; please come back and let us know how you get on.

Cat x

Macscot in reply to cat3

Hi cat3

As you will see from my previous replies, I should have said I have been referred for scans recently but no dates yet.

Thank you for your reply. I will keep you posted.

cat3 in reply to Macscot

Thanks macscot... x

I am no expert, but did sustain a ‘dent’ from my TBI.

Strangely they said I had received other traumas in the past too. Whilst these left no dents and I recall them all, simple things like hitting head heavily on light fitting, gate, etc, they could tell and when I was discharged, I had strict instructions not to hit head again.

So for them to just appear is strange and certainly worth checking.

Would be interested to know why they develop yet in my case they didnt before.

Builders safety helmets by the way officially have a three year life span and are marked as such. For your use, I am sure you can pick one up gratis, or use a cheap cycle helmet. (The latter are ‘softer’ to wear and have chin straps to secure them).

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