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Struggle with my post clipping procedure


Hi everybody! I had aneurism elective clipping last January 2017 in UCLH. Still has not been recovered and develop so many neurological problem . Feeling so upset and down. Since September started experience unbalance and smell from nose. Had so many appointments with neurosurgeon and neurologist. Had MRI which they found some damaged tissue and they said this part of brain is not so important it is just stress. I was crying begging them that I am not feeling well can you do EEG. Initially they said you don't need it finally they did it . Yesterday neurologist call me he wants to see discuss my results. I have to stop university just left 3 month because last month felling like my brain is shaken when I am sleeping. Is anybody have the same symptoms to share as I feel neglected and disabled. Have 2 small children. The neurosurgeon and neurologist manage to convince my husband that nothing wrong with me just damage tissue and stress. I am so disappointed with the care I received in UCLH and I wish I never trust my neurosurgeon. I completely disabled now I cant walk and sleep properly. Can you help with any advice.


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Hello Maya. I'm sorry you've been struggling with the after effects of your clipping. Can you tell us whether it was a preventitive measure or did your aneurism haemorrhage ?

In the meantime you might want to call the Headway helpline for advice and detailed explaination of procedures and after effects. The is 0808 800 2244 Office hours/ mon-fri.

After a bleed on the brain the after-effects are usually far-reaching (I still have issues 6 years on) and the challenge is to manage these issues so far as possible.

But if it's the clipping alone which has left you with symptoms I can only assume there's been some neural scarring which occurs to protect the healthy cells from damaged ones.

I don't believe there's treatment for this Maya, but I assure you that the olfactory disturbances after any type of brain injury are extremely common as is the continuing dizziness (Still my biggest problem). I still find that some of my (once) favourite foods taste horrible and favourite perfume is the same.

Have your doctors suggested medication to help alleviate the dizziness & insomnia ?

Please talk to Headway. The helpline might give you reassurance and advice on how better to cope, maybe with professional intervention.

We're always here m'dear............... Cat x

maya72 in reply to cat3

Thank you very much Cat3. You are so kind. You give so much support for each one in this group,It was planned operation. I am so regret I decided to do clipping. I am now house bound .

cat3 in reply to maya72

I'm sorry to hear that Maya. Do you feel you could be more specific about your incapacity. I know the dizziness is scary and disorientating (I prefer to be accompanied when walking as my balance is quite poor). But is that your main issue or are there others besides ? x

maya72 in reply to cat3

Hi cat3, Since September I experienced a lot of neurological issues. It gradually getting wors as I have smell from my nose and buzzing vibration in my brain operation side which wakes me up. Last 4 days its vibrating all around my head and don't sleep for 4 days. I insisted to do eeg, which initially consultant didn't want to do. Last Friday they move my appointment forward on the 5th of March as the secretary said neurologist wants to see you early. I explained secretary that my brain vibrating and I am not sleepingbut they don't want to to move forward. I am scared to have a seizure at home. Thank you so much Cat for listening me

cat3 in reply to maya72

Have you had seizures since the clipping Maya ?

maya72 in reply to cat3

Hi Cat3. No , I haven't but I feel sty really wrong with me as I feel smell from my nose, my head is vibrating at nigh . when I am sitting I feel like all electrical tremor all around my body, I am pretty sure I have epilepsy that's why my neurologist wants to see me early . Do you know what else can they found on eeg as I am really worried. Thank you very much Cat3. Your personality is amazing I am following this site daily nearly 1 year and you encourage each of us. Thank you very much as me personally nobody understand how you feel , not family , friends after my operation they didn't get what I am going through and just look at me as I am mentally changed. But it is ok. Thanks God I have my children. God bless you because for all of us you as a counsellor even we never meet but all of us in the same boat every day struggle.

cat3 in reply to maya72

Yes Maya, it makes me so sad seeing how so many of us are still suffering symptoms which no one can help with, or even understand. Someone said recently on the forum that we're all being forced into self-treatment nowadays owing to the NHS shortfalls, and it's a fact that many more folk are relying on information from Dr Google.

There are 12 GPs at my practice but the waiting time for an appointment is 2-3 weeks, meaning that patients with urgent issues are either using A&E depts or the internet for treatment.

But it looks as if your neurologist is taking you seriously by bringing your appointment forward so, hopefully, in a couple of weeks you'll have a clearer picture (literally) of what's happening to cause the sensations in your brain.

So fingers crossed for something definite to show on your EEG which can explain your symptoms and which can be treated to bring some relief. Keep us updated won't you ? Take care Maya. (and thank you for your lovely comments m'dear !) Cat xx

You poor thing. I do feel for you in your condition and having young children to look after.

You may not be able to do anything about the tissue damage although hopefully that may geta little better in time. Though maybe can do something about the stress?


maya72 in reply to Andersl

Thank you Andersl. You are very clever that you consider wait and watch approach I am so regretting that I rush to sort this out. I could wait it was 7mm. Now I am disabled and do not know how to carry on with my life. I was so busy with my studies children. It is life. I just wanna ask anyone who has aneyresm think twise look for second opinion do not rush please. I am so desperate .I can walk but unbalanced, developed epilepsy I know I wouldn't be able to work. Just pray the god help just look after my poor children. Thank you for your support.


I had an aneurysm clipped at the end of July last year. I can't be dead certain but I'm sure I read somewhere where a 4 hour anaesthetic can take up to a year to fully leave your system. I know in my own clipping surgery I was in theatre for over 8 hours. When I was first discharged after my op I was completing a vat return within the first week (Self Employed) then as time went on I just started going downhill. I know I was maybe doing too much too soon but now I realize fully I've had some serious brain surgery. In my own case I think it's more about the anaesthetic covering a multitude of problems that have now become REAL! My worst problem is sleep!! I can be fully awake for 3 days & nights which just leave me physically tired but my brain just keeps working. Has anyone any suggestions for helping with sleep?? I've only had prescribed meds for sleep years ago after a bereavement but found the after effects left me really fuzzy headed every morning & at this point I feel that would be the last thing I would want. I know the after effects of clipping aren't too clever but the coiling has in many cases the same as we are experiencing but they have to keep returning back to hospital to see if they need extra coils. I know personally someone who started with 5 coils & got to 18 then had to have the clipping anyway so maybe we are expecting a little bit too much too soon.



I had the same elective surgery 9 months ago. I have good days and bad! the brain fog and fatigue is the worst. I've seen neurologist,had a neurosych evaluation. Their results were depression/anxiety. Jeees I wonder why.i suffered a small brain bleed post-op. No ones offered a re scan though. I wish you luck.

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