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Husband in coma with severe TBI's and Skull Trauma



I am new here.

Only six days ago today, my husband aged 24, was knocked down in a hit and run.

He is still fighting for his life in a induced/natural coma in Intensive Care from severe brain and skull injuries. Four bleeds, three on and one inside the brain and two skull fractures.

Also as result my husband missed me giving birth to his second son, this afternoon.

The hit and run driver has been caught and is being held without bail.

My family & friends have been very supportive and have also contacted headway for me yesterday. There are sending information to a family friend to pass on to me and they have told her to tell me, which she has done, to contact them when I am ready to.


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I am so sorry to hear your story and I wish you all well as it maybe your husband that is the patient but you are all victims. All I can say is keep hope I was given up for dead as so many people on here were and our journeys have been long and hard. But our bodies and medical science produces miracles every day I hope your husband gets one too. Alot of us on here have had to learn to walk and talk again and work with our brain injury changes but we have done it it will not be a quick process but miracles really do happen.Talk on here and people will answer so you don't feel alone people understand all the stages and struggles. I wish you the best.

My 19yr old son suffered similar last year. Multiple fratures to skull, eye socket & broken neck C2. His bleed was big and was also 4cm inwards to the brain aswell as large surface area (occipital lobe mainly). He was put in a coma for 8 days. One general doctor on day 4 writ him off! The followup scan was interpreted incorrectly as we found out when Neurosurgeon updated us correctly. We lived & watched & held his hand & chatted hour by hour. He slowly was taken off sedation & gradually came round over a few days. Taken off breathing tube day 7. The rest was living half a day at a time. With youth & fitness on his side his recovery went well in the following weeks. You must look after yourself. Eat, drink & rest when YOU can. Congratulations on the birth of your son. Truly wish your young husband a speedy recovery. Take care x


I too am so sorry to hear what you have been and are going through. I have read many posts on here and all I can say is miracles do happen. I had a bleed to the brain and was in intensive care for over 2 weeks and my husband was told I would be in a coma but miraculously, I wasn’t...against what the doctors say. You cannot give uo hope and you are the strength now for your husband and sons. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Xx

What has happened to your poor husband, and all concerned, is just shocking and terrible, and he is SO YOUNG ! I will be praying for his full recovery. My own husband acquired encephalitis at age 3 1/2, and the abnormally high fever burnt up 20% of his brain. He was almost institutionalized, but the family took a vote and they kept him, in spite of all the challenges (severe brain damage, no bowel or bladder control, being in a wheelchair for years, wearing leg braces later on, blindness [4 eye operations] and being crippled) he drives, he plays chess, pays bills, and does basically everything any other man does, and I just thank God for everything ! prayer changes things, and it can change your situation completely !! only believe.

Hi, my partner had a motorbike accident which caused his tbi. He also had 1 bleed in the brain and 2 around. He was in a coma and it took nearly a week to show any signs after sedation removal and even then they wanted to withdraw treatment, it took 5 weeks before the Dr's decided to fix his broken pelvis. I was there visiting every day, but it was hard emotionally and mentally. Congratulations on the birth of your boy, but please take any help, delegate visiting times to family and friends, my children are grown up, so I didn't have dependents. Don't give up and when visiting talk to him and show photos (even if he's in a coma) any music he likes, maybe read a book. Record and play your child's voice. Textures, hold his hand. I found a diary of each day helpful. Do give him time to rest too. Designate someone to keep everyone informed of progress, I found the calls and texts overwhelming until I did this. If there is a H.A.T.s nurse ( ask headway) available, talk to her, I found that was really helpful, especially with the medical stuff and emotional stuff going on.

It took 11 months before my partner came out of hospital (rehab). It has and is hard work, but I am trying to take time for myself, whether with family or friends, that is a must. Never turn down help and don't be afraid to ask for it too.

I found and find this site to be helpful and friendly :-) x

Im sorry to hear your story in the circumstances! I hope that your husband gets well soon he's a young man so he's got age on his side! Congratulations on your baby God bless your family and that things get better soon david

I’m so sorry to hear your unimaginable situation. I wish you well with your new arrival and all the very best in recovery for your husband. A relief that the perpetrators have been caught. I really do wish you all the very very best at such a difficult time. Great to hear that you’re in touch with Headway. Let us know how you get on x

Sounds very traumatic and emotional.

It’s good to read that your friends and family are being supportive.

I had similar injuries to your husband.

The nhs and headway have been a great help and they have the knowledge and experience to share.

Well done for finding this site so soon.

Ask any questions.

And don’t forget to look after yourself.

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