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Dent in Forhead left side


I don't have any head injury but my forhead changing its shape from last 2 years. I am only 33 years old. I have this dent on left side of my forhead. What to do? Which doctor should i go?

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Hi Jimmy and welcome. Show this to your GP (might need to be a face-to-face online one if clinic closed) and he/she should refer you for a scan.

Alternatively go to A&E where you might be dealt with the same day, depending on numbers. The dent could be any number of issues and best to have it investigated ASAP.

Hope it's something simple.. Cat x

AndrewT in reply to cat3

I quite agree, with cat, Jimmy.... Do have this Checked, just in case, as it were. Can/ will you let us 'Know' please?


Hi Jimmy, I have to agree with cat and Andrew. Any changes in the shape of your scull or any bone come to think of it that changes without trauma needs to be checked out medically.

It might be nothing, sometimes we can look in the mirror and see something that we haven't previously noticed, and next it starts to niggle us. But if in doubt, check it out.

I agree with the advice to get it checked out with your GP. I hope your mind is put at ease. I have a spectacularly dented and dinged left side of my head, but that's from the surgery so I don't need to question it. Good luck!

It might be something as simple as a cyst (they can cause puckering of the skin, making it look like a dent) and the location of it is a common area for sebaceous cysts to appear.

I would see if you can see your GP, or at least have a telephone consultation. A pharmacist might be a good bet too, they are trained to look at skin disorders & can potentially signpost you to the correct service for advice.

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