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First ever seizure and skull fracture. Are my symptoms normal?


Hey guys. So on bonfire night I had my very first, unexpected, seizure and fractured my skull. Yesterday I spoke to the lady in the shop where it happened (I don't remember walking into it) and she said I was stood up and my feet were twitching, then I started shaking and fell to the floor where I went blue and frothed at the mouth. I remember thinking about crossing the road to the shop and the next thing I remember is being in the ambulance. I have and MRI and EEG I'm 2 weeks. But what I want to know is, is it normal to not be able to smell after? And to still have a headache? I was too eager to leave hospital that I never asked.

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you NEED another appoitment! we are not doctors,but you should get checked out more

vampress in reply to razyheath43

Thank you. I was just hoping I didn't need to. I'll ring my gp in the morning then.

I'd recommend seeking an appointment with yr GP ASAP and writing all of your questions down (and the answers in case you forget)

vampress in reply to moo196

I'm going to ring in the morning. Thankyou

Disruption of the olfactory system is extremely common before or after a brain injury. I was in a four bed neuro-rehab ward after a brain haemorrhage and all four of us had taste and/or smell issues.

My consultant assured me that this is more common than not in any type of brain injury whether bleed, stroke, tumour or traumatic injury. It can be a lasting issue or temporary, so a 'wait and see' situation.

Mine started about a month before the bleed and, although it's gradually improved over the past 5+years, I still can't tolerate certain foods which I previously enjoyed. And smells are still distorted so that my once favourite perfume now smells horrid. But whereas it was an intrusive problem at first, I've learned to cope fine now.

If you Google 'Anosmia' it will explain your condition. Mine isn't loss, it's distortion, so my condition is labelled 'Troposmia'.

Hope this helps a little............. x

vampress maybe a bit too eager. do you live with anyone? if so get them to monitor you for mood or behaviour changes, we re not aware of it, how you react to noise.

does your head hurt and are you on any meds?


What happened when you spoke with your GP?

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