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Love to all at Christmas and best wishes for better days ahead in 2021.

Cat x

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And to you and yours. Here’s to a better 2021 as well πŸŒˆπŸŒ¦β˜€οΈ

cat3 in reply to Elenor3

Thanks m'dear ! We must have a catchup in the new year.... x

Elenor3 in reply to cat3

That would be lovely x

Best wishes to you and thank you for all the help and support that you give to everyone

cat3 in reply to twice

Thank you Twice (you get twice as much thanks as everyone else !) πŸ˜‘ Hope you're coping ok .....

Take care, Cat x

Thank you so much Cat. You continue to be a great source of hope for myself and I think many others too. May you have much love and joy in your life today and always.

cat3 in reply to sca2013

You too m'love... x

Hi Cat, my best wishes to you for a good festive break. I did try and send one over this morning, but I couldn’t get it to workπŸ˜„

Fingers crossed we’ll have a decent 2021.

Take care of yourselfπŸŽ„πŸ·x

cat3 in reply to DTBI

Good to see you David. I'm on my own this year and quite happy with Netflix and nice chocs ! Hope it's an OK Christmas for you and definitely a better year in 2021.... Cat x

And a very merry Christmas to you too! Best wishes from us all here in the Baronial palace and hoping very much for a happier and healthier 2021 x

cat3 in reply to BaronC

Hope there's much feasting and jollity in the manor house tomorrow ! love to you all, E. xx

Love to you too Cat - and thank you for being so lovely and wise 🌟. Enjoy your Christmas chocs and Netflix - sounds rather good πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ²β›„πŸŒ² 'See' you in the New Year xx

cat3 in reply to Painting-girl

Thanks so much Jen. Hope it's a good one for you & yours ! πŸ™‚ xx

Thanks ever so. Merry Christmas to you all from me too xx

Hope all's well with you Lulu. Happy Christmas & new year... x


It will be a strange Christmas this year for us all, in one way or another.

Somehow getting to Christmas, feels like we have reached some sort of finishing line this year!

cat3 in reply to sospan

Indeed Sos. I've had all my visitors bearing gifts (at a distance) today, and tomorrow it's just me and Netflix (my choice & as advised by GP). I've a mountain of Christmas presents which will take most of the day to open ...........spoiled more than ever this year.

It's odd being relieved to reach Christmas unscathed ! I keep thinking it's like acting out a role in a implausible horror film ('B' rated).

Have a good day. Love to you both..... x

sospan in reply to cat3

Sounds like you have a good dollop of the Christmas spirit.

I wish my life was "b" rated - too many bad guys, car crashes, falls, explosions, fight scenes and live action drama! Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to do my own stunts :-)

sospan in reply to sospan

but of course, I get to keep my leading lady


Same to u.... we are all gonna rock this next year 2021' no matter what !!!

cat3 in reply to Hidden

Ha ha ........absolutely ! x

Merry Christmas Cat, here's to a better 2021! 😊πŸ₯³

cat3 in reply to sue-66

Yes Sue, I doubt anyone will lament the passing of 2020 ! Hope you and Alan have a pleasant day tomorrow. x

Merry Christmas Everyone, Thank You for your support, from my heart to yours 😘

cat3 in reply to New_beginning

Hope it's a happy, stress free day for you all tomorrow m'love...Cat x

Hope Christmas and New Year bring you peace and happiness. πŸ™‚πŸŒΈ

cat3 in reply to Marnie22

You too Marnie ! x

Love to you too, Cat. K and Trudie da dog.

cat3 in reply to Froggiefrog

Hope it's cold enough for you up in the north K ! Love to you and cuddles for Trudie da dog.. x

Hi Cat,

I am alive :).

This year has been pretty crap and I haven’t posted any of my drawings lately, I think because of the current situation I have lost some motivation to draw and craft.

I will get back to it.

Usually, having a break is a good thing. You come back twice as good... apparently :).

I have been completely fine through this situation.

I believe it’s more of a political agenda than an actual killer virus but those are my thoughts.

I don’t know what you think and I know loads of others will disagree.

Anyway, this year has mostly been ruined but I hope you manage to have a happy xmas and a merry new year.... and hopefully, 2021 will be much, much better too.

Oh, I did do a drawing this year and I shall post it on here.

Talk to you soon,


sospan in reply to Matt2584

always look forward to your art work, truly exceptional

Matt2584 in reply to sospan

Thanks very much :).

cat3 in reply to Matt2584

You've been SO missed m'love ! But it's been such a weird and pretty 'grey' year and I understand your lack of motivation. But great to see you sticking your head above the parapet and talking of posting your work ; people have been asking about you....

Have a safe and pleasant Christmas Matt and, all best wishes to you and your family. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Love Cat x

Matt2584 in reply to cat3

Aww, thanks for your kind words cat :).

Thank you Cat and to you too, my friend. Let's ALL Pray, I mean it, for a Better 2021... and an End to Covid.

Will you, and indeed everyone else, join me in a Short Prayer?

Jesus, Lord of all, hear our Prayer. Help us Lord, in the difficult times, to follow your ways. Grant us, and our Loved Ones, Your Holy Peace and may we soon be able to lead more Normal Live, once more- Amen. May His Holy Love, be with you All this Christmas Time and Forever. Amen

Merry Christmas


cat3 in reply to AndrewT

Such lovely sentiments Andrew ......thank you. Happy Christmas to you and yours.... Cat x

Thank you 😊 Wishing you a happy Christmas too and hoping that 2021 will be a better year for everyone πŸŽ„

Thank you Huffle ! x

Merry Christmas cat and family, hope you have a lovely day and lots of love and best wishes for 2021, take care stay safe love Alice xx

cat3 in reply to Alibongo60

Thank you Ali. x

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