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Seeing it from another side

Had another reallity shock recentley.

I suffer from epilepsy, thankfully under control with meds. I have abscenses unlike most people I know that either have siezures or complete shut down( sleep). 

Well the other day I got to see it from the other side as a freind went into a partial abscence siezure. 

Boy was it scarey. We made him safe and got him help but was shocked at the speed he closed down into his own world and how helpless he looked.

It made me realise how I have scared the life out of my wife snd kids over the years until it was controlled by meds.

Also it re enforced the people who REALLY suffer from this condition. Yes I had the epilepsy and felt drained afterwards. But my family had to cope with the helplessness of seeing the results of my epilepsy.

It has given me more respect and appreciation for my family.


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Couldn't agree more Pax.  I've never had seizures (thankfully) but I often think about the night I collapsed with the SAH and how scary it must have been breaking down my bedroom door & finding me on the floor, followed by months of anxiety & uncertainty.

I've said from the outset what a dreadful time my family went through.................. whilst I just lay there either talking nonsense or sleeping !    x

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You are so right Cat. I have always thought it was my family that suffer my epilepsy . I didnt know I had it I just couldnt understand the strange tired feelings I had.

Then when you see it from the other side it is a shock how out of it I must have been. Also how helpless you feel.

Luckily my freind is on the mend and knew nothing of what had happened. Sometimes ignorance can be nliss.

Pax x


i was having breafast with my wife daughterand her partner in the hotel we were staying and i had an episode, scared the living daylights out of my daughter ( she lives in dubai and hadnt seen this before ).

  my wife left me before helping me back to my room and the waitress bless her ,arranged for another breakfast to be sent up.

    the timing couldnt have been worse.......the day of my mum in laws funeral


Do you think it was stress related.

Never found a true trigger for mine. Thankfully meds keeps them in check.

Dred them returning as I enjoy the freedom driving gives me as well as hating putting my family through the helplessness of it all.



paxo05 no. ive had 4 medium ones this week and i think ia may have dreamt one.

  about a month ago i had one on sat and sun which really mucked my wifes weekend up and mine.

     i think i may have identified a trigger.....bright lights and scrolling down a page too quickly.

         have a good weekend 



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