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Ive had my pip rejection letter


And my brain cant process what to do next

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Hi. I am so sorry to read about what has happened. I can understand that it's a horrible shock and that you can't process things right now.

I would recommend that once you feel ready to speak with someone, give the Scope helpline a call on 0808 800 3333. They are very good on this subject.

I would re-read everything you have before calling them and make some notes. It's also helpful to note down what you want to cover with the call.

Apparently a large proportion of people who appeal do win their appeal, so try to keep that in mind.

I wish you all the best.🤔🌸

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thanks Im more shocked that they think I dont have memory issues I can give them tons of examples where I do

During my PIP assessment I showed the assessor a guide that my neuropsychologist gave me, on how to deal with memory issues.

Yet they stated that my memory and cognitive function was 'good'. It's infuriating.

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I know. The whole process is ridiculous for these types of problems. I can never understand how people who know NOTHING about brain injury get to make these decisions

I meant to say of course that the Headway helpline is good for this too (0808 800 2244.) They, of course are the specialists with regards to brain injury, but Scope are extremely good about the whole PIP thing.

I do hope you can go forward with an appeal, but you shouldn't have to go through this at all. I get very angry that it's the vulnerable people who have to fight so hard to get what should be theirs in the first place.


Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

The advisor I had was amazing, she basically wrote a report on my behalf and I was eventually awarded PIP after a tribunal.

It can be so hard to do it on your own especially if you have a BI and it's affecting your cognitive function. She also helped me realise things I needed help with.

I know it's extremely distressing to be rejected and it's horrible to receive a report basically stating that 'you are not struggling'. When you know damn well that you are!

I found a template letter online that will automatically write what to send them and where too

Yeah, I did that first. It was really handy to see all the examples they give you, because there were things I hadn't considered putting in the first PIP claim.

But I would still try and get a CAB advisor if you can.

I did write out what I was going to say at each question but the questions where so causal it distracted me, so instead of How do you engage with other people face to face? I got ask How do you react to meeting new work colleges in the office? my response was my manager has to warn me in advance as I will get anxious that there are there to take my job,

with the Preparing food question he completely ignored the fact that I said to use a oven I need a timer to know when to put in food and take it out again,

with the Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition he completely ignored the fact I said I need to use a dosset box,

with Washing and bathing he completely ignored the fact I said I need to sit down to have a shower

and thoses are just the things off the top of my head

You've already received good advice, over 60% of appeal succeed at Tribunal, also I understand you being shocked but this is more like thee norm for people with a brain injury.

Often CAB can struggle with the number of people who need to dispute DWP decision but you may find that other agencies in your area also offer help, try a Google search for Welfare Benefits.

There is a 1 month time limit to begin the appeal process, you can find basic advice about this on the CAB website


You MUST go to tribunal. Get letters of support from EVERY doctor and specialist you can think of who has treated you and provide them as evidence. You WILL win. I know because I have. TWICE. Once in 2013 and once last month after an eight month fight. My tribunal dat (over the telephone) was set for 29th of May and I received a letter from the DWP advising me that they had reversed their decision on 26th of May.

The entire system is a shambolic mess, but you will get through it if you fight. They are relying on people rolling over and just giving up.


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all the specialists ive seen are no longer working

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You must have a GP, they will write a letter of support if you aak. It may cost £15-20 but that's a small price to pay. If you are under hospital care for ANYTHING, rehab, neurology, or ANY other condition at all, get the relevant specialist to write a letter. Seriously, now is not the time to be despondent (that's what the DWP want) it is the time to think of ANY way at all to gather support and evidence and send every last word to the tribunal. Write a letter yourself that contradicts every word of crap that will be in their judgment. Take your time, argue against every single one of their ridiculous conclusions; preparing food, dressing, etc.

And never forget that you must write as if you are describing what would happen on your WORST day. I began every single answer with, If I've just had an epileptic seizure, no I can't'. I can't dress myself, I can't plan anything, I can't remember my own bloody name...

Fight this.

If you need any help, just contact me, I'll be more than happy to tell you the steps I took.

This just happened to me too, same comment on memory function. You can't assess memory function over the phone!

Those assessing aren't neuro specialists so don't really have the knowledge to assess properly. Request a mandatory reconsideration straight away. You can also then submit supporting evidence, so can get letters from family / friends. Ask your neuro team/ GP / any clinicians who know you to write a letter as well.

I contacted my MP and they're going to submit all my supporting documents for me, and also write a letter. So you could contact yours, they'll have caseworkers used to dealing with this issue.

It is awful ... I’m sorry, but it seems everyone with a BI has to go through this. People with brain injury are in no man’s land - being assessed as not having a disability but unemployable.

The PIP assessors are simply frontline fodder - they have no expertise - don’t take it to heart. All you can do is follow the advice already given. The secret is to keep applying and let them know you’re not going away. It will be even more difficult now the Government has made sure most of the country will be on Universal Credit. It took three attempts over three years to get my son anything. Although CAB was brilliant, amazingly it was the Job Centre who finally held the key. They assessed him as having a “limited capability for work” which the DWP couldn’t argue with, being on their own team.

My son looks and sounds perfectly normal. He can’t remember his birth date or his pin number so what good is he to an employer? We went to the Job Centre fully prepared to accept any job. The work coach was brilliant and realised she couldn’t place him (the fact that he was with his mum probably was the first clue). The Job Centre recommended him for PIP and we got a letter the following week, it’s only sixty quid a week but it pays for travel to courses etc.

Don’t lose heart, I know it’s hard.

Good luck.

Lot of excellent advice here, espcially from Marnie, StripyButteryfly and others..

You are not alone. by the sound of it, a lot of people here feel the same as you, though a member said on a post of mine that often its a case of people get these denied quite often as par the course... sadly. frustratingly.

now, take the advice given - some good examples here - Scope / CAB etc... get all the medical info from your docs / hospitals as possible in the time you have.

word to the wise... when sending by recorded, some places not actually signing for it at the moment citing COVID-19 so watch for this when sending back your 'oy mate.. i disagree with your dicision, sort it...'

i have a petition going on change.org which i think quite a few people here have signed requesting for changes to PIP for BI.. if you want, will give you the link.

Kind regards


Yes I know lots of people that will sign it

ok, well the link is here chng.it/vWS4Sx7s5C

if you care to read and sign, that woould be great. thanks

The same happened to my husband when transferring from DLA to PIP. The PIP claim form dropped through the letter box last July 2019. PIP assessor noted that my husband looked "normal"!!!! PIP was disallowed despite medical reports being submitted, memory test results by neurologist and a write up in the Lancet of his brain injury. With the help of The Brain Injury Charity ( Google them, they are very accessible) we applied for a mandatory review and a year later, July 2020 we have just heard that we have won. PIP has been awarded and carers allowance reinstated. It's been a very stressful year but got there in the end so don't give up. Most claims succeed on appeal.

So I eventually got through to them and she asked what questions I wanted a reconsideration on which in itself was highly frustrating as there was some she of my points she disagreed with but I have been asked to provide a support letter, hopefully from Headway

Do you have a neuropsychologist?

Mine sent a supporting letter, which ended up in me getting PIP.


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