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Can you believe it? I applied for my PIP back in March this year, and last week, after I had been assessed a few weeks ago, I got a letter saying I was being awarded it! Amazing, as I did all the application by myself. It makes me feel more useful, and that eventually I could do admin work again! We'll see !!!!

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Well done Nutkin. Am very pleased for you that you have been successful with you PIP application. That was a very long wait though but I know it was what we know to expect. Congratulations on the successful outcome especially as you completed the forms yourself. I have also filled out my own forms but am at the early stages of my excessively long wait as only sent them back mid September. I have to say completing them was a very difficult challenge due to my brain injury and can me considerable distress trying to do it. Not sure my outcome will be successful like yours as my completed form was a hotch of muddled info. I am assuming like ESA they have only awarded it for short periods of a year or two then the process has to be gone through again?? While I have been writing this it has made me wonder of your post meningitis difficulties but I can't click on your profile til I've finished otherwise I will lose what I have written and if I am faced with having to start again I know I will give up. So I will do that when I've finished. I also have read your other post this morning that you are going to start riding with the disabled. As I child I used to ride and loved it but think I am passed that now!! I also had a foster child a few years back who used to ride with RDA and it is a great organisation. Best wishes and what great xmas prezzies and progress for the New Year which are both almost on us!! x

What a t**t I am Nutkin - I just realised I am responding on the Headway site and not the Meningitis Now one! Having scrolled down all your posts this has come to my befuddled attention cos i'm reading of your traumatic brain injury. So sorry for the reference to 'your meningitis difficulties'. I feel so embarassed for this fo pah.

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It's nothing to worry above! I have been awarded it until May 2017, and then I will be assessed again! Good lich with your application. Mine was very muddled too, but I sent it anyway! Xx

Thank you Nutkin. I am trying to put it to the back of my mind as it is such a long wait but I do tend to get my mind 'stuck' on things and they continue to stress and worry me and so I do still get fixed on the 'what would a face to face assessment experience be like, will I cope with it, will I or won't I be successful, and then what etc etc'. That's great news that they awarded it for 3 yrs as I find the ESA annual review feels like you've no sooner got the outcome than the process has to be gone through again because the year starts from the date the forms were submitted and not months later when they reached the decision. At least the PIP forms are more conducive to brain injury and do enable explanation of eg cognitive problems than the old DLA forms which were very physical disability orientated and for those of us who look ok on the outside did not stand a chance of success with. x


Well done Nutkin - the forms are so hard to fill in and so demoralising too. I am waiting to hear......

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Let's hope you hear soon! Xx

I am still waiting for the dreaded letter to drop on the mat...I had been awarded lifetime DLA previously and the introduction of PIP means I will have to start jumping through hoops again.

It is encouraging to hear that your application was successful and relatively pain free. Well done, it does give you some wriggle room for further recovery.

Too right!!!

Just done my sons forms for post 16 dla he gets this still but not sure when he changes to pip.

Waiting for my form to hit the doormat, I was awarded indefinite claim for dla but not sure what I'll get in pip.

Well. I pray that when you do get it, it is to your liking! Xx

I applied last year and 13 months later got the outcome, it was a big fat NO. Lost my job through this and the NHS ruled me incapable of working again and DWP scored me zero on everything. I'm not capable of working and waiting a further op - bonus I was medically retired (aged 41) but spent my retirement lump sum on my property with disabled wet room and an automatic car as I can't use a manual now.. I'm applying again now and using welfare rights to help me do things the DWP way . :-) life's good tho and I remain positive

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I hope this time, you get a favourable response. Good luck!

That's fantastic news nutkin, really pleased for you, great early xmas present, and you should feel really proud of yourself for completing the forms by yourself. :)

I may sound stupid here but on the pain concern forum which I'm under a lot of people have been putting up about PIP and I didn't want to sound stupid on there, they know about my bi, but still felt a bit of an idiot if I'd have asked on there, but may I ask what is PIP?

Siobhan x

As far as I'm awre PIP is Personal Independace Payment and replaces the old DLA, disability living allowance, other than that I don't know too much about it other than I'm due to change over and be re-assesed sometime early next year.

Hope this is of some help and that maybe somebody with direct experience may be able to reply to you shortly.

As far as I'm awre PIP is Personal Independace Payment and replaces the old DLA, disability living allowance, other than that I don't know too much about it other than I'm due to change over and be re-assesed sometime early next year.

Hope this is of some help and that maybe somebody with direct experience may be able to reply to you shortly.

PIP is Personal Independense Payment, and it has taken the place of DLA. I received my award for caring, not mobility, as I can catch the bus, but I need help with cooking, cleaning, and remembering! I would try to claim it if I was you, as all BI usually have some after affect. Good luck!

Glad you've been successful , now you should get it back dated to when you applied I did . So a nice lump sum for xmas . xx

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Yes. I have received it. Like you say, just in time for Christmas!

Well done Nutkin33.

My change over to PIP isn't till early part of next year so not sure what to expect or when to expect forms to hit the mat.

Hopefully it will be as sucessful as yours has been.

I just hope they will be able to read the scrawl that my hand writing has become in place of the neat script that it used to be.

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Mine was very untidy, as it was my right side that was paralyzed,so now it's more difficult to hold a pen with my right hand. Even if I start earning, I will receive my PIP, and they have said it will be paid until May 2017!!! Good luck with yours!!

Hi Nutkin,glad you got it. K

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Thanks so much!

Very, VERY well done. I know all too well about the myriad of hoops you sometimes need to leap, walk, crawl and occasionally drag yourself through kicking and screaming. All of that simply in order to get yourself heard and receive what you are entitled to.

Glad to hear that you have got what you need and it's all your own work. I wish I could say the same, but the Baroness pulled all the strings this end! And she yelled. And she screamed. And eventually they listened...

Good on ya, you should be rightly very pleased with yourself


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As long as you got it in the end. That's the main thing! Thanks!

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