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Hi well my son was told he doesn’t qualify for pip! He scored 0 points . And was told his capable of doing all the tasks he was asked to do . There’s days my son can’t even get out of bed his in so much pain .we are going to appeal this . Has anyone else been lucky when they appealed it ?

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Yes I've had two strokes brain autism operation in the last six months they have turned me down twice even though I got pip before assessment I'm having to put in a second appeal I'm sorry for you're son as the stresss has brought my depression to rock bottom

I wish you well with appeal

Harrys in reply to Tracy331


Thank you, good luck with your appeal too. X

Hi, I went to the CAB before my pip and they filled out the forms, they told me that most people fail the assessment. The CAB said that about 80% of people that appeal win the case. I think you should go to the CAB with all the medical evidence and ask them to help you appeal because they know how to do it.

I was supprised at how they worded my application form, so there is a format that works to increase your points probability.

Hope that helps

Yes my husband too got 0 points I called them and did reconsideration over the phone I wrote each point down with my reasons why he should have scored points. I followed that up with written one as didn’t trust them. Take time to go through everything he has scored 0 for and write beside each one why he should have scored points.

My husbands Occupationl therapist went ballistic when she read their reasoning they had said he could do certain things when he didn’t even get asked to do it IE crouch down on floor and stand up apparently did this no problem 😡 whole lot of lies. I was so glad his O/T was there to witness it she couldn’t believe the lies told!! He went from 0 to 15 for daily living and 10 mobility.

I could have argued more points for daily living but as he gets enhanced daily was no point.

Ridiculous system they hope people will just accept no award and unfortunately there are people out there vulnerable or that have none to help them and just accept it. It’s just not right.

Fingers crossed you get it overturned and your son gets what he rightfully deserves 🤞🙏

Harrys in reply to Tia-01

Ah thank you , we have appealed today and I am sending off all his medical papers tomorrow. X

Remember get proof of postage or better still recorded delivery.

I’m sure you will get it overturned as most people that appeal do 🙏

Harrys in reply to Tia-01

Hi I will do , I’ll let you know the out come x

Nackapan in reply to Tia-01

I was told that but not true

Yes let us know how you get on x

Go all the way to tribunal don’t give up

Good luck I once saw a woman when I was young and told her about my Epilepsy she went onto say you do not have fits you have tantrums .. There was nothing wrong with me. She had no medical experience and was a rude moo lol. I went home crying Dad went straight down there called her out over how I was treated and gave her a few home truths about lay abouts who she was laughing with and he went her awful. I never had anymore problems you do get jobsworths but you should appeal xx Good luck

Harrys in reply to WinB

God that’s terrible how can anyone say that . It’s the worse thing ever seeing someone u love or anyone for that matter having a fit . Thank god ny son has only ever had 2 even though they have diagnosed him at high risk and his not on medication for it either . X

WinB in reply to Harrys

Hard for loved ones seeing you have them, all they can do and wait until it is over and be there for you so without our loved ones we would be up poo creek without a paddle.

i am sure they are on some kind of incentive bonus? Same happened to my OH and he couldnt put himself through it again hence never appealed ! Give it a go and let us all know!

As i said to my OH you have nothing to lose but he wouldnt! Best of luck

Harrys in reply to pollyanne

Thank you x

Unfortunately not. We went to court after second application went in to appeal on first one . Zero points also.

Started badly as was told second application with the help of cab akso scored zero. Can't work . Wheelchair needed. Pots and HEDS. So stressful gave up assaying condition worse not being believed.

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