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I've been told to try to get PIP by a couple of friends. I had brain surgery to remove a large tumour a year ago. My life has changed beyond belief. I can't work ( get ESA) now. It's what I cannot now do that depresses me. Severe side effects from lifelong medication (recent urgent referral to epilepsy consultant to change), disorientation loss of balance and concentration severe fatigue insomnia loss of all interest in all things. Been diagnosed with secondary epilepsy? Cannot currently drive. Husband does a lot for me. What are the chances of PIP?


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PIP is what for what it says, personal independence payment, don't lose sight of that. Yor application will need to reflect what you cannot do for yourself.

In my case I can care for myself, cook and do really basic cleaning, so i doubt I would qualify. I cannot drive but can use public transport so I can get around, at first I could easily get lost but that has passed now too so I do not need someone with me at all times.

So when applying you need to stress where you need assistance daily, they don't expect you to be reclusive for the rest of your life. If your husband has to select your clothing for the day and help you dress then that needs to be said. If he has to wash you, then that too. You get my drift here, if you cannot make a drink for yourself or basic food, the rehab unit I was in would not discharge anyone until you'd been taken on a supermarket trip to select and buy food to make a meal for yourself then you had to cook it, to prove your capability.

So, only you with your husbands input can truly say your need for PIP and it can change which is why it is reviewed periodically. But be truthful, tell it like it is, don't think I manage or you can only do something important with help, tell them.

We all want to think we function as well as before, but we don't always.

Give it a go, they can only say no.

Nothing ventured nothing gained

Janet X


Thank you Janet that helps a lot. I never had a day off work so don't understand claimsetc . Thx


Hi Wendy,

Read through this...... benefitsandwork.co.uk/perso... Hope it helps with your decision.

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Thank you Cindy



I'm sure you qualify, but when you have your Assessment, try and have it at home, and make sure you answer every question with your WORST day. Also, try and have someone to sit with you, and if you can't answer a question, let your assistant answer for you!

Good luck and all the best!

Debs 😉👍😘


Thank you so much. All these replies are so helpful. X


That's good. I made a huge error when I had my Assessment, and told them about my BEST day and they cut my Benefit by £100! I am now awaiting an Appeal date, as my Phycologist said it was nonsense I had been cut!



Well I really hope you get it 💁


Thanks! 😘


I had brain surgery just over 18 months ago to remove a benign tumour. I applied for PIP and was successful. As others have said nothing ventured nothing gained...

Good luck


I also have the same troubles as you but you have some help in the way of your husband . I live by myself . I have tried 3 times , on my 4th attempt now . My brother - in - law has less problems but lives with his family and gets PIP . I live alone , do all myself (because I have to ), and get no help whatsoever . I personally think applying for PIP is flawed . If you do apply , good luck .


I found that PIP is really discrimating.

I had 3 brain surgeries 1st to remove large tumour from craniocarvical junction 2nd to fix a blood cloth and hydrocephalus 3rd to insert a shunt I wasnt able to go to loo myself or have a shower on my own and guess what... they said I dont qualify because my mental state is good... hey ho if you make out of it looks like you made a wrong thing and you supposed to lay in bed and not be able to do anything to yourself... but that is my personal experience about it...It made me really upset at that time but I dont mind now...Im happy I made brilliant recovery and thats my choice...


Hi I use to work for dwp and dealt with a lot og problems applying for dla, I then had to start claiming it myself and I'm now on pip. Pip works on looking at how much you are able to do. It covers mobility and daily activities. My best advice is ring them, they will ask some basic questions always answer all questions that are either via telephone or completing forms as your worst day. If you struggle they need to know about it, if you say well I'm ok they will dismiss you. They contact gps, consultants and any other service or treatment your linked to so they can get a full picture. They will then decide if they want to see you either at a centre or if you can't get out they will visit your home. This will then enable them to make a decision as to whether you have a valid claim and what scale of payment they will award you. Give it a go and if you need help just ask me

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