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Counselling costs stink


So, I've finally found some one who can help me to deal with my oh's behaviour.

But she charges £120 a hour. And this is who the local headway group recommended !!!

This is disgusting. How are we supposed to get the help we so desperately need when it costs so much.

Come on Headway if you are recommending these specialists then surely they should be accessible to all.

I can't afford this, but I'm going to skint myself for one session because she's the only person who gets it apart from his HATS nurse. Even the neurologist fobbed me off.

But there will be so many who can't afford even the one session.

This stinks

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I had free counselling through 'Care for the Carers:. I also found local counsellor who charged £40 a time, Ask at your local surgery.

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They don't know of any. Postcode lottery strikes again x

Try the Association of Christian Counsellors. Many of these have fees that start at £35 per hour and will make concessions on these.

I had telephone couple counselling with a person who specialised in head injury it cost £35 a concession rate. Telephine can be a good cost effective option thats gives you more choice. We were prepared to travel for a one of session.

Its helpful for a person with BI to have someone who understands the issues people face with BI. The cousellor we used got my partner to take notes. Gave him excercises so he could think through the issue as it would take him 10 mins to answer a question sometimes. As he got emotionally overloaded or engaged in avoidance.

There are lots of good counsellors out there at reasonable prices, but you have to do your research. If you contact me i can give you details of my counsellor. If he can't help im sure he will know someone who can.

A good qualifying counselling student will give 100% as they are highly motivated. Like myself they will provide free counselling or reduced rate.

You say she is the only one that understand a good counsellor will do research and will want to understand the presenting issue. Yes a specialist charges more but thats Harley street prices for the rich and famous.

I'd be concerned about any counsellor who charages £120 per hour. What are you getting for this? What can be achieved in one session.? Is it a one of session or ongoing? Is she a counsellor or psychologists, psychiatrist, psychiatrist. They are all very different

Message me and i will forward my very good BI counsellors details.

My local headway had a list of headway trained counsellors. I phoned several and most wanted maximum £60/hr. I pursued 3, but only saw the one I felt most comfortable with and negotiated a £25per hour session rate.

£120/hour is not doable for most people.

Can you ask again?


I have done. Thanks x


That sounds extortionate. I'm having therapy treatment to help with noise intolerance because my issue is complicated in that I also have hearing loss. I pay £40 for 90 mins and she's brilliant. I guess cost could fluctuate depending on whereabouts in the country you live but £120 stlll sounds outrageous to me.

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They are in Grimsby, which is not at all affluent. I've contacted the Grimsby headway again to see if they know of some one else. I think I'm going to cancel. Have found a few web pages that give tips and it's free x

Firstly I didn't and couldn't pay £120 per hour but it sounds about right, as a junior barrister would cost around £150 per hour.

I did see a psychologist counsellor through the local mental health team and I wasn't impressed at all, not very bright and no knowledge about TBI.

Following that a GP referral to the Neuropsychiatrist who arranged counselling with a Neuropsychologist who was excellent. Although I was told it would be 13 it turned out to be 24 - 30 sessions.

Hopefully your Neuro-rehab service will have a Neuropsychiatrist and Neuropsychologist, however the waiting time may be long.

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Thanks, he's on the waiting list. I'm going to cancel the appointment. I really can't afford it x


A neuropsych will charge those rates so this is possibly what you are getting.

One session won't help at all, and to be honest I did 3 months with one who couldn't answer any of my questions about the brain, was unable to resolve any tbi issues, and when i raised concerns she said that counselling didn't work for "people with a black and white personality"....which is often one of the case post tbi!

If i were you i would self refer to level 3 counselling services via the phone number the gp receptionist can give you, get the gp to refer you to nhs neuropsych and in the meantime get a normal counsellor to offload to and bring stress levels down.

Ideally via a recommendation from someone if not using this website:

Good luck.

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That's pretty much what she is a Neuropsychiatrist. We are waiting for a cognitive assessment. So may just see the one at the GP's at least it's free. But I have an appointment with someone I found off the counselling section of the headway site. Thanks x

you want councilling about his behaviour, then talk to people who know, dont waste your money on people who have never had a brain injury and so therefore arent in a position to give advice.

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