I love halloween and ever since I have been a member of Headway, no one has really dressed up for halloween except me really. A couple have people have worn masks but that was all.

Earlier this year or maybe late last year, our manager gave us a bit of a heads up about how Headway were low on money and since then we have all been pulling together to make more money.

Last Friday, I made a suggestion that people could dress up for halloween, or wear a wig or hat or mask and like 'Hats for Headway', give a donation.

As Headway now has a mobile number, reminders can now be texted to people which makes things much more convenient.

So I was thinking that not many people would be wearing any costumes but I was quite surprised to see a few hats and masks.

Not sure how much my little suggestion raised but hopefully a few quid went toward Headway.

Like they say "A little goes a long way".

This was what I wore...

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  • The sartorial elegance suits the occasion perfectly as only you can.

    Happy Halloween to you and everyone



  • Thanks Phantom :).

    Speaking of phantoms and Halloween :), you could pose as one.

  • matt2584 think you achieved your goal....great costume.

    with regards to funds, my wife works and every now and again just for the day headway bognor is the charity.....my wife sells cakes theres a dress down day.

    last time she made £300 i think

  • Thank you Steve :).

    A dress down day sounds interesting, so do the members at Headway bognor usually dress up or do they dress in their pyjamas or something?

  • ours is an evening group. no they dont really do anything to contribute to funds

  • Ah ok. An evening group. If ours was an evening group I think there would be a lot of complaints. Most people prefer to go out and about in the day time.

    I know I do as my vision isn't too great at night.

  • Fantastic costume mate and well done for raising awareness and for getting headway a few quid. Always worth the effort if it helps someone. N

  • Thanks MX :).

    To be honest I didn't really raise a lot of awareness, only to the members who were at the group, and I am pretty sure they know of Headway :).

    I was mainly happy to see more folk in halloween gear :). I don't think many people would have dressed up if I never made the suggestion a week in advance :).

    I am attending my other disabled group on Wednesday so I will be dressing up again :).

    Take care,


  • Great effort! Well done you!

  • Thank you Peaches :).

  • Well, I have been in need of some cheering up of late !

    Thanks for sharing this fab pic, Matt : )) x

  • Hi Angela,

    Sorry to hear you have been a bit down and glad I cheered you up :).

    Take care,


  • Well done! We also dressed up n Halloween Gear, and went Trick of Treating with donation tins round the business complex that we're in. Raised £50!

  • Thank you :).

    And well done to you also. £50 that's great :).

    So your Headway is in a business complex. Our drop-in centre is right next to a school/college.

    Reading what you said about trick or treating, getting other businesses around the complex to donate has given me an idea.

    A member of the group and a member of staff or volunteer might be able to go into the school/college and get them to donate.

    Thanks for the idea :). I know it would be a bit late now but it could be an idea for the future :).

    Take care,


  • Cool xx

  • Oh my God.................the scar (where your head was sewn on by Dr. Frankenstein) looks uncomfortably realistic. Which is another way of saying you look like the real deal Matt. Well done !!

    Just hope you didn't travel home with your make-up on ?? :O xx

  • Thanks Cat :).

    I do admit the severed neck looks pretty realistic :).

    It was just a bit of latex that I glued on with latex glue and added some fake blood to it.

    And the bolts on my forehead, they are practically like bags of air. Again stuck on with latex glue but you could squeeze one of the bolts as if it was an open bag of crisps haha.

    I traveled to the group and from the group wearing that funky get up :).

    It was on Friday morning so it was at my Headway drop-centre and my dad drives me there.

    If it was on a Thursday when I travel by myself over to Portsmouth, I don't think I would be wearing that gear.

    I am going to be dressing up again on Wednesday for my other disabled group. I usually get a bus ride to the group with my mum but as I will be dressed up I have asked my dad if he can drive us over there.

    I wouldn't want to get on the bus all dressed up :).

    Take care,


  • That's what I'd been wondering 'cause I know you often use public transport.

    I was expecting to see an item on News at 10 about people running in horror and ladies fainting ! ............................be pretty funny all the same. :x xx

  • You were expecting to see an item on News at 10 about it, that would have been too early :). News at noon might have covered it though ;).

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