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An enforced holiday...


My wife has suspected breast cancer. Sorry to be blunt, but yes, we were told last week that the last mammogram my wife had uncovered a mass that needed investigation. She underwent a biopsy last Friday and we were taken into one of those comfortable rooms where they give you bad news, all flowers and leather sofas, etc.

Due to her family history (three maternal generations directly affected) she’s been having the old norks checked since she was about four. Therefore the ‘mass’ is extremely small and has been caught early. The specialists insist that should the biopsy be bad news, and they seem to be pretty sure it will be, it should be very treatable indeed.

We fully intend to laugh our way through this storm and hope very much that you’ll join the giggles. Sharon will be needing me now more than ever and clearly, I will have to put her first as quite frankly, nothing else matters anyway. So, I’ll be taking a year off from my brain injury ‘work’ to be with my beloved and I will return once the storm has cleared away and the laughs are even more hearty than usual.

I’ll still be dicking around on social media, but ‘Notes From The Brain Damaged Baron will be ‘on a break’ from today.

Cheers gang, see you soon!


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Andy, I'm not sure if you will read this - but I am sure everyone on here will be rooting for you both all the way. The very best of luck to you both and keeping laughing, it really is the best medicine there is.


BaronC in reply to Hidden

I've read it, Jan and thank you so much!

Stay strong . Your wife is going through exactly what I did with two maternal grandmothers . Mine ended up grade 3 with surgery , chemotherapy and radiotherapy . It was tough but that was 7 years ago . The best of luck to you both xx

BaronC in reply to Shon48

Thank you so much!

Awwww best of luck to you and your wife, us ladies do need our husbands/partners when the chips are down, sending you best wishes x

BaronC in reply to Pinkstarburst

Thanks Pinky, much appreciated!

Hello Baron, I'm very sorry to hear of this. You've had a lot to deal with I know, and you must be wondering how much more.....!! Just sending love and thoughts your way xx

BaronC in reply to swedishblue

Thank you very much Swedey, means a lot!

It's a tense time so no escaping the stress but you're right to approach the issue positively m'love. I found a breast lump in 2007 and the speed of subsequent scans, biopsy etc. was breathtaking, culminating in a scary result and an even speedier lumpectomy.

My oncologist was great. He said the op had gone well but he wanted me to undergo three weeks of radiotherapy as he firmly believed in the 'Belt and Braces' approach, whether needed or not. Fortunately there were no cancer cells found in the lymph nodes.

Once I was firmly in the radiotherapy system I found the whole process SO reassuring and my final session was quite emotional after 21 successive days with the same caring, funny, team of lovely people. I was made to feel so cherished at 'The Christie' that I look back on it with great affection. I had further aftercare with hormone treatment (one pill daily) and regular, long term check ups.

From what you've described Andy, Sharon's outlook looks pretty damn good, so hopefully she should be fine. I'll check up by message every now and then ; any queries in the meantime don't hesitate. Love to you both...…..E. x

BaronC in reply to cat3

Thanks for the reassuring words, E, and we've taken them all onboard. We'll get there and we'll keep you in the loop as often as we can!

cat3 in reply to BaronC

Thanks Andy ; I'll be thinking of you both...….the kids too. x

All the best to you both x

BaronC in reply to Lynd

Thank you very much!

Sending best wishes to Sharon and of course, you.

Your inner strength will help weather this storm. xx

I do hope so! Thank you

Wishing you all the best for this Andy and hugs to Sharon. With you there to support I can’t see how she won’t be laughing for at least some of the time. It really is the best medicine. Good luck and let us know how things ha e gone when you’re ready x

BaronC in reply to Elenor3

Thanks Elenor, the kind words really do mean a lot!

Sorry to hear, does sound a good prognosis though.

Thanks, Roger. We're hoping so, yes...

Best wishes to you both. Kx

BaronC in reply to aqua4

Thanks, K!

Good Luck Baron...You have your priorities right and good luck to Mrs ..My sister has had it and was scared ...30 years ago does not help you but she is 82 now Good luck and between you both you will get this done and dusted with your outlook on life xxxx Head up shoulders back between the 2 off you xxx Keep well both xxxxx Win xxxxxx

BaronC in reply to WinB

Thank you very much indeed! Our shoulders are back as far as they can go! :)

Loved ones and family come first in anything

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

BaronC in reply to philbou

Thank you

Shocked and saddened by your news.

Some greater power has a strange plan, just when you are getting your stable, they come along and put another dollop on your plate to deal with !

We went through a similar upset with my wife over the summer when she had the big "C" scare. Fortunately it turned out to be benign and all is well.

What is amazing in these cases how the NHS leviathan can move so quickly into action and how caring the staff are.

Hope the children are coping with the news as they sometimes suffer in silence.

All the best on this additional journey

BaronC in reply to sospan

Yeah, the devil spews on our duvet once again, but we'll batter him away with a shovel! :)

The kids are doing ok, taking it remarkably well if I'm honest. That in itself is helping us, obviously.

Thanks for taking the time to share, it really does help

sospan in reply to BaronC

No problem

Anytime you want to relieve the emotion good or bad, we are here

Huge hugs and positive thoughts to all of you ❤ x

BaronC in reply to sue-66

Thanks, Sue!

I hope you're wife makes a speedy recovery best wishes xx

BaronC in reply to Tracy331

Thank you!!

Students call a year out a gap year so your year will be a year filled with wonderful sofa cuddles and a time of healing. God Bless You Both for your positive attitude and great humour Love Liz x🌹🙏

BaronC in reply to 1949liz

Thanks Liz!

So sorry to hear that. But if you've got to get cancer, I reckon breast cancer is the best one to get! I wish you both all the very best. X

BaronC in reply to FlowerPower62

Thank you, I think :)

Sending you both my very best wishes.

BaronC in reply to Marnie22

Many thanks!

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