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PIP claim

Every since my husband's cardiac arrest on 3.2.17 people have been telling me that I should claim PIP for him. I eventually phoned and lodged a claim for him but now that I see the form I don't know how to explain what is wrong and I know that if he goes for an assessment he will tell them he is "fine".

His underlying cardiac problem is not solved, although they fitted a defib implant, however they have recently changed his meds as his machine was going off too often!! During the transition to his new meds he had 10 days where he was so light headed he could do nothing. He is now beginning to settle back to his new "normal self" but this is so far from the old one.

Has anyone any advise as to how I should complete this form please



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Hi Ronni. Sorry to see you're struggling with the PIP form, but try any of the organisations below who should be able to help you with the appropriate wording :-




Best wishes, Cat x


thanks Cat - I usually manage all these sort of things fine but I am just so tired and feel so overwhelmed at times!


No need to explain Ronnie. After coming here for 4 years I've learned how demanding (& often overwhelming) a carer's role can be.

We, the survivors have a rough time ajusting to our new lives after a brain injury, but it's so often a carer who takes on all the daily management of our healthcare, diet, mood swings, benefits, ...................... and SO much more.

You're all heros in my book !

I hope you manage to wade through your husband's benefits issues with minimum stress. If all else fails (which it shouldn't) you can call the Headway helpline on 0808 800 2244 (office hours - free calls) where there are good folk ready to help.

Love Cat xx 🌹


Thanks Cat - I think I have just depleted my energy stores of the last 6 months! I feel I am wading through treacle at the moment. We will get there I am sure

love Ronni xxx


🌅 x

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