Tribunal PIP Appeal

Well glad today is over for my husband but as I thought no award hummm..

He was scored 6 points which is up from 0. His Welfare Officer not happy and wants to take it to the High Court now. Today was very stressful for us both. I felt like I was letting my husband down having to tell a panel how he is at home. His mood swings his anger issues how he uses inappropriate language and give examples. How he cant hold a job down as it always ends in him being suspended for inappropriate language/comments. The Tribunal accepts that my husband has effects of head injury but not to the extent to score the number of points to qualify....

Here we go off to the High Court. Welfare Officer had asked that they score my husband 6 points for the Engaging with other people face to face as he is a risk to himself and public too he got 2. Hopefully once he get transcript of hearing there will be enough in that to push his case. He said we both did great and gave them a good picture of a day in the life of Our Life After Brain Injury. I did have a wee cry when my husband was asked if he could look after our Grandchild and he said yes then asked alone and he said no! They asked why and he said I am not allowed to I think its because I can get frustrated and things irritate me very quickly.

Anyway not giving up just yet and I have to say my husbands Welfare Officer has been great.

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  • tia if your husband is able to work, plan a journey ie get himself to work amonst other things then he will be classed as being fit for work..........if this is dla to pip get as much medical evidence to back your claim as you can,

    good luck


  • Yes he can but he can't hold that job down as it always ends up in a complaint against him. Such a shame as he has so much medical knowledge and passes exams with fab results. It's about time the criteria for pip revisited as does not help people with head injuries in the least.. Sorry ranted on there lol x

  • Hi Tia. Just bobbed in to say sorry your day was so stressful and unproductive. But it seems like your welfare officer is an enthusiastic ally so that's a massive bonus in getting you through the next hurdle.

    What a shame people are tested to the edge of their wits when they so desperately just need help. Very best of luck for the appeal. Cat xx

  • Thank you Cat it is a ridiculous process indeed but have to fight this all the way. Welfare officer was truly upset about decision and has suggested if next step not successful then we have to push for an up to date neuropsychology assessment to get done. Xx

  • They use a 'Weeding out' process in the belief that a percentage of claimants will be unable to withstand the stress and constant scrutiny, and fall by the wayside.

    Best wishes for your continued fight Tia, for what's rightfully owed to your husband. xx

  • Hi Cat

    I am more than sure a lot of people don't take it any firther because of the stress. It's just not fair system. I hope he does get award for my husbands sake he's due it as you say.

    Thanks again Cat xx

  • I'm really sorry to hear of your struggle for this.

    Why can't they put people who actually know and understand about the various BI's in to do these assessments.

    It makes me so cross - and makes the assessor look stupid !

    You go to that tribunal and give it em !

    Sounds like you have a good support in the Welfare Officer as well.

    I hope justice comes out on top - please let us all know how you get on x

  • Exactly they should have someone who understands brain injury on the panel. I won't let this go absolutely not and if it's still a no. I will readdress this with welfare officer and reapply in few months time as I won't let this go. My husband deserved it. I'm not asking for something I don't think he shouldn't be. Thank you for your reply and yeah I will give it all I have. X

  • tia hi again is this dla to pip

  • Yes it is Mark can talk walk dress himself so I knew he would not be entitled to mobility component but daily I living component yes he should be he has loads of issues. So frustrating would like them to come and see him in our house how he behaves daily. Sorry Steve ranting there lol X

  • I have my reassessment after a rtc 4 years ago. Height mobility on DLA from nil points at pip still not signed of from hospital looks to be alive but dreading opening the brown envelope so say no Mr even though you can't get out you are not bad enough. I go to a brain injury unit twice a week and hospital appointments most every week permanent pain, I really think the Midlands assessment team have no's been 3 appeal's now, which don't help anxiety anger and stress. You can understand why people have committed suicide. all the best with your claim and keep fighting it even if you think it's not the right level you require help with.

  • Hi There

    That's shocking what the heck are they playing at pfft... Yes it sure is very stressful and yes I can see why people commit suicide. Will fight all the way. I hope you get your award which you too are so entitled to. I think a petition should be started re the PIP process of not already done.. I have been in touch with my local MP re my husbands ordeal he's not impressed

  • I was glad when they said about looking into DLA as I was a builder who rectify homes for disabled people and saw quite a lot of fraud and blatant lies to get extensions etc. Not realising that now I require help all you hear is no.

  • It took me ages to get my husband to realise he has problems. Held a job as paramedic down for 25 years with load of commendations then after brain injury in 2008 nothing but complaints coming in even colleagues saying how's he his personality had changed. Heartbreaking. Second time trying to get this first time 2011 same told no appealed still no. Talked into going for it again by my dads care worker and still NO!!

  • hi

    I am sorry you have had a bad experience, I wish i could offer some advice

    As a former advice worker who represented clients at appeals, your welfare worker seems to be on the ball

    good luck

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