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Craniectomy , Subdural Hematoma , Recovery


hi all , I have heard this is a good place to find people who have had a simalar brian injurie from a accident , And had subdural hematoma and had to be put in to a induced coma and a craniectomy was done , My accident happened about 10 weeks ago and operation. Just want to chat about the problems after , headaches etc etc etc as you know with this injury. Photos follow later

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Hello I’m new here it sounds like we have had the same sort of problem and surgery my accident was 18 weeks ago my head is still painful and uncomfortable it’s hard to sleep on the right side (the side I had surgery) I really thought by now I would feel some improvement but I don’t, each day there is a new different feeling to my head that hurts, aches shooting pains I get a lot of clicking inside my head also have a headache everyday at least 1a day I hope I’m making sense sorry if this is no help.


Hi Leanne ; I've just read your profile story and I can see how much you're still struggling, so everything I've said to Monk I'd say to you also.

In addition, if you're not seeing improvements in the next month / 6 weeks and, like so many of us, you're not getting adequate aftercare, you might be wise to see your GP and ask for a referral back to the neuro team who performed the surgery. I did just that after 6 months post-discharge and, though it was a long wait, the consultation and ongoing support has been very reassuring.

I'm not too sure of the timeframe you described as it goes from March to June then May. But gauging it from end of march it looks like roughly a 4 month period, which for a traumatic brain injury and surgery isn't that long.

And remember, there's always the Headway helpline (great folk) if you need extra advice/support/information. ….and we (forum members) are always here !

Regards, Cat x

Hi cat3

I messed up the dates on my profile story I’ve corrected it now I’ve had such a bad day today emotionally and physically it’s been very tough Thanku for messaging me I have a follow up appointment to see my surgeon on the 12th August this appointment cannot come quick enough as I have so many worries so I will be going there with a long list I have to write it all down as I will forget. It’s been just over 4 months in total since accident, a lady from headway came to my home on Wednesday she was lovely and it really helped , I’m going to build up the courage to goto a headway drop in 🤞I’m very very anxious since the accident no 2 days are the same I have good and bad days a lot of bad ones at the moment.

Thanks again for your message.

Leanne x

Good girl for your efforts so far ! Hope you make it to the Headway drop in.....

…….let us know how you get on if you do. x

Great that you are going to attend headway, they have helped my husband so much over the years especially with memory and he really enjoys going .

Leanne, it is a long haul but we will make it. We do get worries over pains in our head as it is only natural but as I say to everyone see Doc to see if it is natural to feel headachey . Put your mind at ease and then you can move on and start the healing process. Leave worries at the door. I went on a site about SAH's my Daughter found while I was out of it and talking with others who have been through same does help as you think phew I am not the only one. That in itself helps go on line and look for "A Letter from your brain" and it is like Brain telling you take it easy as we have been hurt etc. We do not need worries and all what I put to Monk ...Good luck Survivor xxxx

omg the same mate , i can only sleep one side , clicking noise is weird but not painful , last 2 to 3 days headaches but told by doctor its my nerve endings etc healing but gets worse go to doctors or brain clinic

The clicking noise I have isn’t painful either it’s just soooo strange isn’t it do you suffer from dizziness and pressure in your head every time I ring the specialist about the different feeling in my head the pain the pressure the shooting pains they always seem to say it’s your nerve endings waking up it seems that’s the answer for everything sorry for all the questions it feels good to talk to someone who has been through the same sort of thing I feel so alone most of the time.

Jumpingjack15 in reply to Monk42

Hi Monk

A lot of the discomfort is due to the skin nerves repairing after being cut for the op and also the scar repairing.Its all a bit of a slog but you will get there

Avoid computers and gun ho films.I used to play patients with a pack of cards to reduce the anxiety.

The clicking is the skull repairing,mine went on for about 6 weeks.Not nice but will gradually go.

Wishing you the best recovery. You will find many posts with a similar situation to you if you search the old posts for key terms such as subdural hematoma. Good Luck.

Best wishes.

Hi Monk and welcome.

Please keep in mind that symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, short term memory loss, emotional issues...….and more... are 'normal' after any brain injury, especially where it involves invasive surgery.

10 weeks is very early days for the brain to figure its way around the issues and, being such a complex organ, it has a great deal of work to do in sidetracking the damaged area and finding alternative pathways to compensate, plus the physical healing from surgery.

You need to be avoiding stress if possible and strenuous movement. Resting/sleeping is the best therapy for allowing healing, together with as much water as you can stomach.

In hospital we were monitored for daily intake of fluid and constantly reminded of the importance of keeping the brain hydrated to aid healing. Failing to drink the required amount resulted in stern words ! Eating healthily and taking moderate exercise & fresh air will all help reinforce progress.

Maybe a phone call tomorrow to the Headway helpline to request free printed information on brain issues and recuperation. The no. is 0808 800 2244 ( free calls / office hours). Alternatively you can download it from the Headway website.

Any particular questions, please ask. Hope to see you around m'dear….

Best wishes, Cat x

PS. when is your craniotomy due ?

Monk42 in reply to cat3

hi cat , my eating is terrible , but i drinking so thats one good thing , i shall ring headway soon , thank you for the help.

Scary Monk when you awake and some of your life has gone missing I was out for nearly a year and didn't make much sense when I was awake. Bit like now xx. If worried see Doc at least if any good he can say it is nothing, or send you for a scan. We need after a bleed happiness and no doom and gloom stories which my Sister was brilliant at telling me lol. Seriously I sang happy songs thought happy thoughts and upset my hubs as I sing off key. You do not need any worries while brain is healing, just happy thoughts and that we are the lucky ones Survivors xxxx Might not seem it now but things do get better and listen to body and brain as it has been through a war seeing you through this. Happy thoughts are my advice to you xxx So see Doc and put mind at ease. I woke up and I had a shunt put in to stop Hydrocephalus. Okay for me to say I was coiled !! Good luck and keep a smile at hand and sing it is so good for us xxxx

Monk42 in reply to WinB

amen thank you

If down I sing so beware of Wins voice !!! lol

Hi subdural hematoma victim, I was attacked in march. You can check my profile to get the full story. My Burr hole procedure was in April, I'm three months passed but I still have pressure on the right side of my head, also I get headaches. And I have suddenly developed a mysterious case of hypertension. Hang in there, it's a very traumatic experience.

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