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Father's subdural hematoma


About a month ago, my father had surgery for a subdural hematoma. He had been getting progressively weaker, and feeling ill. He hadn't told us he had fallen. I'm reaching out for advice. He spent 3 days in ccu and then another 2.5 weeks on the rehab floor of our local hospital. He was then transferred to a rehab facility, where he has been for a week. We can see many improvements physically, but he has become very agitated and confused lately. He also is refusing to eat. Has anyone had any experience with recovery from such an injury? I understand that every case is different, but I am looking for any advice.

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I was in a similar position to your father 3 years ago. It is very early days, would guess you have already been told this I found this very frustrating and wanted answers about my recovery prospects immediately.

For me focusing on short term achievable goals helped as patience didn't come easly, maybe keep a diary of improvements.

Yes every case is different but there are similarities, so you will find good information and support here.

Hello. Firstly I am so sorry that you are in this situation. It is horribly scary and the lack of information remember being very difficult especially when you are desperate to get something to guide you through these difficult days. I am afraid I'm not good at the medical situation but wanted to share some insights that my sister and I learnt from with dealing with mum who had a fall on 23rd Dec 2014. She was told she would either die in the next few days or at best be brain dead. All I can share is that my sister and I ignored the doctors and were determined to get mum through 'it' whatever that was. She couldn't and wouldn't eat so we just fed her high calorie / high protein food. We laugh now as my daughter came up with a phrase "don't look at her face" when she was angry and agitated about us getting food down her. And on phsyio, you know your dad better than the medical team. The physio and rehab teams will always err on the gentle side. My sister and I pushed mum and did more work with her when the pyshio team weren't there. It is difficult as it your parent that you are suddenly having to parent and that is hard but trust your instinct — always! I am very happy to be at the end of the phone if you need me. As I said I can't give you medical insights but I can help you navigate the difficult waters ahead for you from someone who has been there and who still is! Much love. Georgie x

Hi Jacquie. Mine was a spontaneous haemorrhage so different cause, but all brain injuries seem to have common factors. The irritability and refusal of food are common issues during the first few weeks so, although it's a terrible worry for you right now , try to keep in mind the relevance of the words 'It's very early days'.

The posts from Phil and George (above) both remind us how, with time and lots of patience, the situation can turn-around quite radically. It's what many of us here heard from loved ones after we became compass-mentis again, how they though we'd never come back to them .............but we have.

Please stay around and keep us updated with your dad's progress. And please accept my best wishes for his improvement........and a virtual-hug for yourself ! Take care Jacquie. Cat x

Thank you all for your responses. No one prepared me for what lay ahead for my dad. His surgery was performed after he was taken to the ER.....we meet with the surgeon today, so I may be reaching out with questions or advice following the appointment. Thank you so much.

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Hi Jacquie. How did your appointment go ? x

Hi Jacquie,

please call at any point you need some support.

George x

Hi :) I'm six months on from suffering a subdurral haemorrhage on one side of my head along with a subarachnoid haemorrhage on the other - combined with a fractured skull. The first weeks were terrible, and the next few months really hard work, but things are different now. I'd keep doing what you're doing - you know your own family best. The only way is up. Good luck :)

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