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Chronic subdural haematoma recovery


Hi guys. I am finding this site really useful because of the uncertainty I have necountered from medical staff. I would also like to stay in touch with people who have had or stil have a chronic subdural to help me cope with it and so others can use this main space for other issues as well. If you would like to do so please private message me on FB. Lala Brown (from NZ)

Be great to hear your stories.

Thank you.

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Hi Seth and welcome.

You can send and receive private messages within the forum.

All you have to do is click on a person's name (beside their icon) and that will open a page. On the right hand side of that page there is an option to message the person.

Please don't be shy about sharing in the forum is for anyone affected by any brain injury whether they are a survivor or close to someone who has had a brain injury.

Once again welcome.

Thank you. I was trying to wok out how to do that in this forum. Im not shy about using this forum but am conscious that there are people out there with other injuries, mishaps who need to air their issues as well. Many thanks for your guidance

Starwars28 in reply to sethbovey

Hi seth welcome i had a tumour removed last september two weeks later got an infection lost the bone flap and 8 weeks ago had my plate fitted it has been the ride of my life but hopefully will get there in the end but have a long way to go.

sethbovey in reply to Starwars28

Best wishes for your recovery. I feel I am whinging when others have suffered more intensely

Starwars28 in reply to sethbovey

No at all we all in the same boat best wishes

Wow!!!!! Thank you I'll I try to remember that. Xxxxx

Dear Seth wishing you well on your head injury journey. I had a subdural & extradural haematoma head injury in 1994 & aggravation of both in 2013 in car accident.I was initially told healing in brain only happened in 1st 2 years & as neuro science has developed the idea of neuroplasticity & that the brain has capacity to rewire has greatly helped me. I feel im constantly learning & dancing with head injury & my own healing journey so please free to ask any questions that would be useful to you.

sethbovey in reply to eclairearm

I will. Many thanks for your reply

Welcome Sethbovey. Xxxx

Hi SB, my husband had similar injury after a bike accident and a slow bleed a few days later resulting in him being in ICU and completely paralysed on L side.

After 3 months intensive physio he is now now very independent, walking driving etc but does have balance and other issues. Overall he's doing ok. He 6 months post accident.

What's your story? And what are your main issues? I have found this group invaluable and so inspiring. Please share your journey too and we can learn from each other

sethbovey in reply to Charente

Thanks Charente. I have now added my story to my profile. I didnt really have any symptoms apart from a mild headache which I mistook for a sinus headache. My major concerns now are around what i can and cannot do as information is sketchy and everyone is different. Issues such as when can i travel overseas? Can i drink wine again? Surgeons say one thing and Occupational therapists another.

I hope your husband regains his full health.

Regards from New Zealand.

Fenella (aka sethbovey)

Well we re in France and our neurologist is god. What she says goes and all the other teams work under her direction. Rehab team, GP team and now local community physio. All questions we ask neurologist and she directs her teams with long written reports/ tests and 6 weekly scan s. Haematoma now reabsorbed. We were not allowed to travel more than 50 k from neurologist s hospital for first 4 months. She said if anything happened our best chance would be where she was and all his tests and medical notes. Sounded sensible so we complied. ( did have one sneaky weekend away to Dordogne) always took his medical notes/ prescription etc.

Just been given ok to travel to uk for a month. 24 hrs car journey broken up with B and B.

All going well. I'd go with your neurologist advice. If u don't trust her/ him then change him. They should work as a team. We re late 60 s too.. fit and active before accident and trying to regain some of that now

Best wishes Anne

sethbovey in reply to Charente

Thanks Anne. Very helpful. My problem is that I was seen and operated on by several registrars, not the boss. I have to go through my doctor and Occupational Therapist for that info and they vary. The operation was done under the public system as private hospitals here do not do these operations. I want to go to Europe next year which is the longest journey ever from NZ so am thinking of hop skipping and jumping there now.I go to Europe every 2 years so will be devastated if I can't.

I had a small wine on Monday as a toast to my Aunt who died last week. No after effects. It was so great to have one. Last wine before this week was 30 June.

Ps, were given ok to have a glass of wine but made headaches worse so he rarely drinks now. An occasional Beer does nt seem to give a problem.

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